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Simmons fic! Seriously, this has been bugging me for a while. The interwebs needs MOAR Simmons fic!

1. Ever since Seymour Simmons was 8 years old, he's been hiding a secret- his Dad's car wasn't really a car... AU. Duh.
1a. the 'bot is Bluestreak
2a. The 'bot is Smokescreen
3a. Simmons still get's hired into Sector 7.
2. Simmons Vs. Annabelle. Bonus if Annabelle wins.
3. Has anyone played the virtual reality game? If not, find it here: http://tfwiki.net/wiki/Sector_Seven_%28game%29 Now, I want SimmonsXAgent X. Who may or may not be Rebbecca Howard. Also, AU virtual reality game- it takes place in normal movie-verse, not the Game!AU.
4. Just fic based off of the virtual reality game- seriously, I like the way S7 was set up in it.
5. How Simmons joined S7.
6. The cube gains sentience- and has the maturity of a 7 year old girl. Simmons has to deal with it/her without anyone else realizing that the cube is conscious.
7. Simmons/Judy Witwicky. Stepdad!Simmons and Little!Sam.
8. Rule 63!Simmons.
9. In which Lennox and Sarah die, and due to a twist of fate Simmons gets custody of Annabelle.
10. Simmons, agent of S.H.E.I.L.D.
11. Simmons (Somehow) accidently creates the Dinobots, who now consider him their dad. Hilarity ensues.
12. Simmons adopts Sari.
13. Simmons is related to Micheal Bay.

Other Bunnies:
14. Allspark! Mikaela.
15. "In retrospect, Lennox probably should have checked his pockets for tiny shards of ancient alian artifacts. Or at least kept Annabelle from swallowing it."
16. Similar to bunny number 9- Lennox and Sarah die, and Ironhide adopts her.
16a. The goverment does not like this idea at all
16b. The Autobots -coughIrhonhidecough- fake her death and hide her on their side of the base. Galloway stumbles onto her.
16c. Most of the Autobot-friendly military personel is in on it, and helps keep her presence a secrete.
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I've been visiting the site 'Sh!t my Kid Ruined' and there's one pic that Screams 'Ironhide'. I can see this happening very very early in his experiences with human children.. or perhaps it happens once and he lets it go because, you know, squirrels and other animals store food for later consumption.

Then he hears Will's scream and decides humans aren't squirrels.

The offending picture that started it all? Found here: http://www.shitmykidsruined.com/page/5/ (Veeeery last pic on the page.)
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I'm keeping this short. Promise.

Ironhide. Annabelle. Secret Clubhouse. And to join the club, you 1) can't be a boy and 2) have to know the lyrics to **insert some goofy kid's song here**.

Ironhide must become a 'member' in order to protect the darling. As he's already, clearly, not a 'boy' in humanity's sense of the term, he already qualifies for most of the membership. However, the song is something he's a little reluctant to lower himself to.

Jazz can't stop laughing. Actually most of the base can't stop laughing.
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 I did the math... and apparently I have 400 bunnies. WIth this post I'll have shared over 1/4 of them. Yay!

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Well, hello everybody. Apart from my small post a few weeks ago, I've been awful quiet here at the farm. One of the Bunnies kidnapped me and tortured me. But I escaped! Sadly I had to kill the bunny in the process. :( It has a nice unmarked grave to rest in and should any Transformers ever find it and dig it up, well woe betide them. So Under the cut are the still hopping ones.

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5 bunnies

Dec. 22nd, 2008 12:32 am
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First time poster with five bunnies from various continuities. I think they could use a little TLC.
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Right, these are either bunnies I've lost the inspiration for or ones I know I would butcher if I attempted them.  So, I'm leaving that up to you guys instead!  


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