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The history of this universe:
The transformers were slaves created by the Quintesson. Their bodies come from the planet dubbed Cybertron's mechanical outer shell/crust and their power cores or "sparks" are mined from the planet's volatile inner energy. "Cybertron" itself is a powerful, grouchy, sapient mechanical planet who takes exception to this mutilation and theft. Spark Eaters are the planet's defense against these parasites and a way to return its stolen life energy from the abominations burrowing into its body. The Matrix of Leadership was created from an integral part of Cybertron's core with the two fold purpose of both weakening the planet and controlling the rapidly advancing development of their slaves. The Prime is simply the lead slave who the other slaves are programmed to obey through the control of the Matrix. However the Quintesson did not count on a Prime itself using its power to drive them off and after doing so the transformers were free to grow, adapt, and advance on their own.

Eons pass and the slaves have split and war upon themselves, ultimately leaving a dormant planet behind and relatively unguarded.

Autobot and Decepticon alike are rapidly recalled to Cybertron to protect their home from the Quintessons who have ripped Wells- great holes- into the planet to mine its remaining energy. Though unresponsive and powerless itself, the planet's natural defenses rise greater then ever to fight the invaders and the abominations on its surface. Refusing to lose the planet once more the Quintessons command the newest Prime heed their demand and obey or be destroyed by the swarming Spark Eaters. It is his function, his purpose to compel the slaves to obedience, a function that he has only half fulfilled.

Horrified at the truth, that their home is a tortured and imprisoned being that their very lives were stolen from, that by existing he has taken his Autobot's true choice away, and separated, backed up to the edge of the largest Well by a tide of Spark Eaters and the Quintessons over head dangling his survival as threat and bribe, Optimus does the only thing he can.

This is the universe Orion Pax is expelled into when Cybertron spits him back out of the well. A universe where Autobot, Neutral, and Decepticon alike have no memory of Optimus Prime.

With the absorption of the Matrix back into "Cybertron" (or rather "Primus" Primus? Yes that sound's better then Cybertron) the coding/programming controlled by the Matrix was destroyed. What also happened was the planet- Primus- was exposed to/infected by Optimus Prime. Suddenly the little parasites running around on its crust are beings with names, hopes, and dreams that Optimus loved dearly. Primus still isn't fond of them, but they are not at fault for what they are. And so the planet's defenses retreat back into its depths... After the cursed invaders are dealt with.
With the absorption of the Matrix the one known as Prime no longer exists but Primus doesn't Need to absorb the fallen mech's spark too. After all the mech is fascinating. Primus wants to see what this strange being whose life came from its own will do next.

Orion Pax Was a dock worker who woke up near the edge of the well, filled with the memories of being Optimus Prime. Now Orion in his large clunky warframe with only skills in labor and battle must find a new life on a planet striving towards peace and reconstruction, surrounded by precious, familiar strangers who don't trust him and equally familiar enemies trying to court or kill him, all while humoring the very cranky planet that's taken an interest in him.

Whether he is taken in by his command staff (Optimus' command staff and Amica) or driven off, he no longer has the battlemask and all his emotions- doubt, fear, worry, joy, adoration, betrayal, and anger are raw and visible. He can't seem to be the stoic, calm mech that Optimus was and all his feelings are bare to the world. He loves his-Optimus' Autobots and refuses to lift a hand against them, surrendering or escaping depending on the situation.
He does not have the same compulsion for the Decepticons but won't endanger the struggling, growing peace between the factions. In 'sparring' with Megatron however he does find at least one unchanging, almost comforting constant in his new life.

And Primus is never far, whether in Orion's subconscious in recharge, or through the optics and vocals of an empty- or a Spark Eater if he's feeling nasty.

Date: 2015-12-27 01:14 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] playswithworms.livejournal.com
I love the idea of Primus being "infected" by Optimus Prime, and developing compassion for all the little parasites, that suddenly aren't so bad, after all.

Date: 2015-12-27 01:28 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] playswithworms.livejournal.com
I love the idea of Primus being "infected" by Optimus Prime, and developing compassion for all the little parasites, that suddenly aren't so bad, after all.


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