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The history of this universe:
The transformers were slaves created by the Quintesson. Their bodies come from the planet dubbed Cybertron's mechanical outer shell/crust and their power cores or "sparks" are mined from the planet's volatile inner energy. "Cybertron" itself is a powerful, grouchy, sapient mechanical planet who takes exception to this mutilation and theft. Spark Eaters are the planet's defense against these parasites and a way to return its stolen life energy from the abominations burrowing into its body. The Matrix of Leadership was created from an integral part of Cybertron's core with the two fold purpose of both weakening the planet and controlling the rapidly advancing development of their slaves. The Prime is simply the lead slave who the other slaves are programmed to obey through the control of the Matrix. However the Quintesson did not count on a Prime itself using its power to drive them off and after doing so the transformers were free to grow, adapt, and advance on their own.

Eons pass and the slaves have split and war upon themselves, ultimately leaving a dormant planet behind and relatively unguarded.

Autobot and Decepticon alike are rapidly recalled to Cybertron to protect their home from the Quintessons who have ripped Wells- great holes- into the planet to mine its remaining energy. Though unresponsive and powerless itself, the planet's natural defenses rise greater then ever to fight the invaders and the abominations on its surface. Refusing to lose the planet once more the Quintessons command the newest Prime heed their demand and obey or be destroyed by the swarming Spark Eaters. It is his function, his purpose to compel the slaves to obedience, a function that he has only half fulfilled.

Horrified at the truth, that their home is a tortured and imprisoned being that their very lives were stolen from, that by existing he has taken his Autobot's true choice away, and separated, backed up to the edge of the largest Well by a tide of Spark Eaters and the Quintessons over head dangling his survival as threat and bribe, Optimus does the only thing he can.

This is the universe Orion Pax is expelled into when Cybertron spits him back out of the well. A universe where Autobot, Neutral, and Decepticon alike have no memory of Optimus Prime.

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[One little bunny from my pal Doomstalker].
G1. PG-13 or higher. Motomaster/Silverbolt. Every Aerialbot was created by Vector Sigma to counteract a certain Stunticon, accordingly. The problem is, they're too similar, alike, and complementary... to really hate each other.

[an AU plot-bunny from Deska]
What if there are places in universe where 'Cons and 'Bots can be at peace and their struggle is no more? Not a one-sided victory, not an armistice, but all-Cybertronian peace when all stand united as one people, in fusion and unison, one race once again.
This opens possibilities for many plot twists.
cut for length )

[And my own "teeny-weeny" bunny. :D]
standard-type Cybertronians and not-so-diversity of human appearance )
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Just an idea as they do get so very similar:

What if the Enterprise went to visit Cybertron?
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Okay, I posted this on my profile, but I'm trying to write this better here.

Most of you are fangirls - I'm just guessing by the amount of yaoi here - so you really love Transformers?
What if you could effect the story line?
Say you're walking down the street or something...then boom. You're in space and are a glowing orb of light. You are now the new "child" of The One, and you're job is to deal with your brothers - Primus and Unicron. Luckily for you, the Transformers haven't even been formed yet. Yay!
Unfortunately, you can't fight Unicron by yourself. So you form a planet around you and make organic species to inhabit it - you were organic first, after all.
You then start to work - just as the Quintessons enslave the Cybertronians - on your biggest project.
Sentient beings.
Now, what kind of beings? Are they human? If they are, do they have extra abilites? Or are they the same?
Are they non-human? What kind of creature are they? What's their culture, history, legends, religions?
If you choose the latter, write up your species first, before you embark on the story of how they change Transformers history.
I'm writting up a species a little like the Asari from Mass Effect, except a little different. Being amphibious and all.
That's my birthday plot bunny.
Now I have cake to eat...
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Heyla, guys. Know I've been MIA from most of my forums for a while. Back with a few bunnies.

Now, before I get to the bunnies, you need to watch the background information. It's a phenomenon known as Where The Hell Is Matt?! Just watch this video from there. Go on. We'll wait for you. I often watch it when I need a smile.


Now that you've watched it... )
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...it does strange things to my bunnies... And, yes, I know some of them are long *cough*5*cough*; I just couldn't figure out how to shorten them without leaving something out.

1. Devastator snarled, massive mismatched claws curling around the battered form of the Seeker, acid green optics flaring in a toxic combination of rage and hate, as he searched for the foolish being who had dared to damage what was his. The broken flyer, one proud wings now tattered and dirty, was clutched protectively against a massive yellow chest as the gestalt waged war upon Autobots and humans alike, Decepticon forces wisely parting before him.

2. Sam liked this song, he wasn’t sure why, but it reminded him of that feeling he got when Starscream was feeling playfully rebellious against something…

3. They barged back into the room, movements frantic, to find Shockwave, hands still bound, standing of the writhing form of the Seeker as Starscream tried to dislodge himself from the medical berth he was bound to. Energon and fluids stained the berth and floor below as the struggling mech practically jerked his right shoulder and hip joints out in a frenzied attempt to roll away from the silent, unmoving mech standing over him, screaming at audio-splitting volumes all the while.

4. He watched his leader fall with apathetic optics; the Cube was gone, Cybertron was dead, as were his wing-mates, and the Autobots had a new little home to call their own. What was there left to fight for?

5. The insect-like symbiote scurried along the sand dunes, dodging another blast from Ironhide’s cannons, until it disappeared over a dune with a series of frantic sounding chirps. Cursing enough to make even a resident of Kaon blush Ironhide followed, reaching the shifting hills crest, and almost sliding down the mound of sand’s other side in his shock. There lay Starscream, silver plated body partially covered in crystalline sand grains and showing no signs of life despite Scorponok’s incessant nudging of his exposed wing and arm. A particularly hard prod finally earned a flicker of light within the jet’s dark optics, causing the smaller ‘Con to churr impatiently and wave its claws about before the other’s face plates. ‘I know little one; I need to get you out of here, get you food, shh,’ Starscream’s mumbled reassurance was followed by an attempt to rise which left Ironhide gritting his dentals at the sounds of grinding gears and locked hydraulics it produced, ‘I’m trying.’

6. 'Jambi' (Tool) + Megatron x Starscream or Megatron x Optimus
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As I'm currently been relegated to blowing my nose non stop for the past week, I've had a few bunnies creep up on me and bite a few times. **evil, insane laughter** Now I give them to you! Some of the ideas are crack, some are just.. weird. Mature on is located at the bottom for it's... questionable... theme.

Most bunnies are Bayverse but could be used for just about any chunk of canon.

Hop Hop - get down and do the Bunny Hop! )
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1. Shockwave was going to die slowly and painfully.

2. Soundwave's attempts at flirting were… interesting to say the least…

3. He always played both sides and tore those who were against him down from the inside out…

4. The assembled mechs stared in awed shock as the seeker mimicked the voices of both his leader and various other comrades with flawless precision.

5. The war was raging full force on Cybertron the day Optimus Prime died, mechs were falling about him in the grasp of gruesome deaths, yet when he passed it was more like fading quietly out of existence. As he died the Prime slowly awoke into a new world of barren lands and mass graves with nothing but an emotionally damaged seeker as a companion.

6. The moment the startled seeker’s back made contact with the polished silver of the wall, images began to bleed outwards from him onto its surface. Images of peace and war, anonymous lives and deaths, images of things from the respective pasts of each of those present, flowing freely from where the seeker arched, agony written across his features.

7. His laughter had been called many things throughout his life by those unfortunate enough to hear it; eerie, painful, haunting, insane, the list went on and on, none of them flattering, but never before had it been called perfect with any level of sincerity.

8. ‘You know, when the war is over, nothing will be as you say it will.’

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1. 'Even the gods fought to tame me! What makes you think a pathetic mortal like you will achieve such a trying feat?!’

2. (Movie) Cybertron was dead, a rotten ball of rusted metal floating through space and time… Alone, just like him… Perhaps the Prime could bring himself to love him now, when there was nothing else left to lose…

3. (Movie) Starscream watched the Prime and his followers march around with their human companions, spark heavy with the knowledge of the life it would soon have to create, optics following their movements from his sheltered perch, Primus’s orders drifting round his audios in a deafening whisper. The lineage of the Primes had to go on, as did the sparklings of Cybertron…

4. The adults rushed into the med-bay, fearing what they would find, praying to Primus that the sparklings were unharmed. What they found was a pair of deactivated Decepticons and a trio of gore covered Seekerlings quietly guarding the Autobot born sparklings around them.

5. Starscream, as far as anyone could tell, never slept. It was as simple as that. The tri-colored Seeker was always somewhere, painfully awake, always moving, always doing.

6. Sideswipe + 'Wash Me' Windshield Writing = Fragged Off Sunstreaker
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1. He freed the Autobot leader from his prison and left him with nothing but bleak parting words... ‘Just save yourself Prime…’

2. Dust rose up around his peds as he traveled across the corpse strewn remains of his planet, crimson optics looking tiredly up at the ever cloud hidden sky which rose like a wall above him.

3. Optimus stared at the downed Seeker for a moment before turning to study the yellow twin with a hard glare. ‘What did you say to him to make Starscream go through a set of electro-bars and attack you?’ ‘…I called him a pleasure-bot…’ Sunstreaker mumbled sullenly, fingers clasped over one of the numerous patched-over stab wounds marring his usually perfect paint job.

4. Ugh, the hallucinations were getting worse. How much had Megatron forced into him this time? He could almost believe it was someone other than the silver monster touching him…

5. No one ever realized that Starscream’s instability mirrored Megatron’s and that without the tyrant the seeker would revert back to the one Skyfire knew before the war. Empathy, like telepathy, is a cursed blessing…
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1. The Seekers left Cybertron long before the war finally burst into existence, leaving the two factions to land on a very different Earth than they otherwise would; one with giant, robot protectors already in place and a very integrated cultural scheme.

2. At Skywarp’s panicked cry of ‘Megatron’s happy, run for your lives!’ every ‘Con within hearing range began fleeing the base.

3. Dead End/Breakdown + Hitchhiker’s Guide POV Gun

4. They had rescued him from their counterparts, repaired his numerous wounds and, returned him to his position of power with feelings of the upmost trust and concern. None of them noticed the odd glint in his optics or heard the dark voice whispering across a newly formed spark-bond to him, none of them knew of the monster who had claimed him.

5. Soundwave’s visor flickered in puzzled surprise at the image he received in reward for attempting to enter Starscream’s mind, the Seeker continuing on unconcerned with his prying. Another attempt, same result; a little Earth bird holding up a sign emblazoned with the phrase; ‘out to lunch, back in five’, and cheeping cutely.

6. Mikaela approached the downed Decepticon flyer cautiously, a saddened dread settling in her stomach, fingers stretching out to trace over Starscream’s mouthpiece. Something bad had happened here, something terrible…

7. He stared sadly at the damaged Autobot, an old ache welling up within his spark at the knowledge of what was to happen to him. He had been forced into a spark-bond long ago, and he was still trying to escape the agony it caused…

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Observations and a Bunny!


I am very interested in contrasting humans to transformers in various ways and finding the small similarities. So I tend to think about things in more of a real world sense I suppose. I’ve read fanfics that address the subject of music in relation to Cybertron and something always bugged me about it....

In which Lindsay examins Cybertronian music!  )


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1. Unicron/Primus gets bored and decides to make a ‘mortal’ body to interact with the Cybertronians with.

1a. A mech/femme starts wondering if they should file a sexual harassment suit.

A non-seeker sparkling whose creators were killed during the war is found and raised by Seekers.

Cybertron was reduced to a barren wasteland by the war and the majority of the survivors abandoned it in order to survive. But there are an unlucky few who were left behind, or chose to stay for some reason, and are forced to scavenge from the numerous battlefields to survive.

3a. A group of explorers return to Cybertron centuries later and encounter these stragglers.

4. The Seekers only follow Megatron because he has something to hold over them. (ie: their sparklings)

5. A group of Cybertronians don’t need the AllSpark to reproduce. (ie: Triplechangers / Seekers)


May. 12th, 2009 08:18 pm
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First-time poster delurking and saying hi.

Yahoo! + my curiosity = bunny. Eep? )
P.S. Did I do the tags right?


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