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Apr. 2nd, 2016 10:39 am
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Hope no one minds me posting more.

1) Cosmos saves two of the Aerialbots.

2) "I need to fix the damage to his chest. Distract him! His cooling fans are running ten times faster than normal."

3) Grapple accidentally causes an explosion in the Ark.

4) "Ah slag me!"
Several Autobots perked up at the remark.
"Wrong choice of words, Optimus." Jazz said, amused.

5) Someone spikes the energon. Optimus Prime gets drunk, dances on a table and breaks it.

6) G1 movie AU: When Optimus dies Hot Rod doesn't get the matrix. Ultra Magnus does and he charges Hot Rod for Optimus death.

7) G1 Humans want to know how the Autobots deal with their dead.

8) G1 AU Starscream is frozen in the ice instead of Skyfire. Skyfire becomes a Decepticon.

9) Spike wonders what its like to steal vehicles so he asks Raoul. Raoul shows him. They get in trouble by Tracks and Bumblebee.

10) G1 The humans make movies about their perceptions on the Autobots and Decepticons. What would be the Autobot and Decepticons reactions when they watch the movies?

A) Autobot heads are mounted on walls as trophies in the Decepticon base.

B) Transformers are 'vampires'. They drain energon from bots using knives or any other weapon that can cut. (Transformers energon is their lifeblood and they drink energon, too.)

11) G1 The government petitions the Autobots to make robotic dinosaurs to be put in exhibits for other humans to look at.

12) G1 The humans make scarecrows out of their favorite Autobots.

A) Decepticons end up thinking the scarecrows is an Autobot and shoot them.

13) Movie verse: Events before Age of Extinction. NEST pick up transmissions from outer space. The Autobots can't talk to them but they can hear the transmissions. They feel useless when two Autobots need help and eventually they sigh in relief when help comes for them. The Autobots on Earth explain to NEST soldiers who the Autobots are.

14) Movie verse: NEST soldiers see a Cybertronian message and they ask the Autobots what it says. They refuse to answer. Some are embarrassed and turned on.

15) Movie verse: The Autobots watch the Walking Dead

16) Movie verse: Annabelle hides Easter eggs on the base and wants the Autobots to find them.

17) Movie verse: Some soldiers don't want anything to do with the Autobot femmes and the Autobots are upset until Lennox explains some men think females belong at home.

18) G1 Back on Cybertron during the war. Ratchet as CMO and his medics.

A) He fires a medic for being cold hearted and not healing all the injuries on soldiers.
B) A medic thinks he's all that and better than Ratchet. Most of the soldiers dislike him.
C) Ratchet helps teaches a new medic on how to do things around medical bay.

19) Megatron and Skyfire fight

20) Bluestreak bounty hunter

21) G1 Dinobots make Ravage their pet cat

22) "We can ask Megatron to demand energon from the Autobots in exchange for the Autobot prisoners."

23) "The night is crawling with creepy crawlies."
"Did you just refer to the Decepticons as creepy crawlies?"

24) Spike and Carly have a Halloween party with their friends. Spike asks Mirage to be a ghost and Hound to use his holograms to be different Halloween characters. (witch, mummy, zombie, vampire, etc)

25) Sparkplug goes death after a blast goes off near him.

26) A bird formation flies behind one of the Seekers and follows him.

27) Ironhide panics

28) AU Unicron is good and Primus is bad. The Cybertronians happen to be living on Primus with no one realizing.

29) One of the Autobots get court martialed

30) Tracks/Prowl - Abuse

31) Jazz/Cliffjumper - Infatuated

32) Soundwave/Vortex - Master and slave

33) The Dinobots speak slang

34) "Everyone is ignoring me! Is anyone alive? Hello?"

35) A sign giving out an Autobot's frequency and saying looking for a good time. Call me. Said Autobot is not happy and is upset when bots call him.

36) "Why are you hiding in an alley?"
"Red Alert is after me."

37) "Aww frag! I see Sideswipe."
"What about Sunstreaker? They don’t go anywhere by themselves."
"He's behind you." Said Sunstreaker.

38) People call 911. "Can you guys do something about these Transformers running down the street? It sounds like an earthquake!"

39) Smokescreen has blackmail on ALL the Autobots.

40) Someone steals Optimus Prime's gun and uses it to shoot an Autobot.

41) Human: "Hey Autobot, are you stupid? Don't turn your back on that Decepticon."
Random Autobot: "Excuse me?"
Human: "Everyone knows you can’t turn your back on them. They can have a trick up their sleeve."
Random Autobot and Decepticon that's subdued in some way. Impressed.
Random Autobot: "You are a civilian. How do you know of combat?"
Human: "...I watch too much tv and movies."

42) The Decepticons ask human mercenaries to take out the Autobots human friends.

43) Spike gets held hostage in a bank robbery.

A) Prowl helping as negotiator
B) Bluestreak as a sniper hiding on top of a building with other FBI snipers

44) Human children want to pet Steeljaw.

45) Drunk human: Hey look those statues look like real Transformers.
Random Transformer dryly: That's because we are real.
Random Transformer 2: We are your God.

46) G1 Based on this. Art All Dinobots doing tai chi

47) "Don't talk to me, don't even look at me." Ratchet ordered. "In fact, I want you on the other side of the wall."
"But Ratchet."
"Don't you dare but Ratchet me! Its your fault we're trapped, Wheeljack!"

48) "The plan is outrageous, we'd never get outside alive." Brawn said.
"You never like my plans." Cliffjumper accused.
"Every time we get in these type of situations is because of you."

49) "Everything on you is illegal."

50) Carly pushes Daniel around in a stroller in the Ark.

51) "You mean your audios have been glitching for a month and you haven't had them checked out?" Cue mishearing hilarity

A) Autobot shocked. "You've been sleeping with [Autobot name?]"
"No! I said I switched shifts with [Autobot name]"

B) "I said stop shooting. Not continue!"

C) "There wasn't five Decepticons. There was seven!"

52) Firestar is Red Alert's and Inferno's sister.
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