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Ok, so I was watching the Fifth Element the other night and got a mad urge to see a Transformers take on the temple scene at the end. But unfortunately, I can't write TF worth a damn so..... I hope this gets adopted! :D

So we have Optimus in Korbin(Bruce W)'s place and Roddy in Leeloo(Milla J)'s. Roddy is the 'Chosen One' of a prophecy but they discover later that he can't do it on his own, he needs Prime's help to fulfill it. He's just getting weaker the longer he's at it on his own, and, like Leeloo, he's all tired and listless by the end. The key to fulfilling the prophecy? Love. It works because the two have been dancing around each other but it takes this to make them (or Optimus at least) admit it. Up to anon as to what he needs to stop... (Unicron?)

Can be done with them as normal or maybe with holoforms or as human!formers. Bayverse is even usable too if only to include the human characters from there. :)
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To those of you looking at me saying something along the lines of "weren't you here just a few days ago?", the answer is yes. I was just here, and yes, I do have another 25 for you. They seemed to have slowed down now though, so maybe there will be a bit of a pause.

If you're easily disturbed at all, I apologize for 24. I am a country child myself, so things like that are kind of common-place )
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Before you read the bunnies, here's a note on tags. When tagging your entries, before creating a tag, please check to see if there is already one for the character. The tags list is getting cluttered with repeats. Also, before creating a tag, if you think the tag will only be used once, do not create it. Thank you.

Now, on to the bunnies )

Miss me?

Feb. 17th, 2009 05:18 pm
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After a long time with computer problems and lack of motivation, I have some new bunnies. Not many, surprisingly, but I can't remember where I put the notebook I was writing in when I had no computer.

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Hey all, figured that since I found a few stray bunnies here that I should add to the population. Just so as not to harm the delicate balance of nature, eh.

This can be crack or serious fic, it depends on how you look at things... )

Wow. Takes up more space than I thought... Now here's to hoping a few of these get adopted...

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Well it seemed to be the trend. Just stumbled onto this forum so yeah...Can't sleep, have to be at the hospital in...10 hours? Yeah that's about right. So in about 16 hours I may or may not be able to walk yay. I like walking now, I swear my doctor is lucky he's a lot like Ratchet >.> Sorry tangent.

Anyway nothing to deep as I'm on some major pain killers but a few quotes that sparked my interest:

1. "Now, I suppose this is the time for me to say something profound...Nothing comes to mind, let's do it."

2. ?: "I think what _____ is asking is, 'What do we do now'?"
??: "Now we die."
?: "Well, that's a bad plan."

3. "Prowl, Look scary and take point" (Honestly you could throw in several mechs names that could lead to a very interesting situation)

4. Some case where our favorite Seeker trine is forced/willingly defects

Thundercracker: "We're hear to seek peace/alliance/etc."
Skywarp: "Assuming of course, you'll hear us out."
Prowl: "And if we don't?"
Skywarp: "Well, I guess we all start shooting. There's energon, death, hard feelings...it'd suck."

5. Epps: "This where you're keepin' the little green men?
Area 51 Officer/Simmons/Banachek: "There are no alien life forms at Area 51"*allows the unit to pass through to the base*
Lennox: *smirks and pats Ironhide's dash* "Present company excluded, of course."

6. Autobot: "_______! It's good to see you well!"
Defected Decepticon: "In my culture, I would be well within my rights to dismember you."
Autobot: "Well, isn't that...interesting."

7. In which a mech, for example Skywarp or Sides or someone else, suddenly finds themselves with a vastly growing intellect, perhaps a jarring hit to the head/wheeljack explosion/etc.

?: "I'm telling you, I am absolutely fine. There is nothing cruvus with me!"
*everyone stares*
?: "What?"
??: "You just said there's nothing "cruvus" with you."
?: "What? No I didn't."
??: "Yes, you did."
?: "I did not."
??: "Ah yeah, you did."
?: "Didn't."
??: "Did."
?: *annoyed* "Cruvus? What is that?"

?: "What just happened?"
??: "Apparently we said hello, insulted each other and broke for recess."

9. ?: "Hot Rod?"
Rodimus: "Actually, It's Rodimus Prime now."
?: "Oh, well how very important. I'll inform the galaxy. Can you get over here and help me now?"

10. Starscream: "Thundercracker, the next time I feel the urge to help someone, feel free to give me a swift hit."


Starscream: "And TC, the next time Skywarp get's the urge to help someone, shoot him."

11. Prowl: "You are all casualties until 1400 hours."
Jazz: "Would that be Daylight Savings or Standard?"

12. Ratchet/Preceptor/Wheeljack: *to Sideswipe* "Normally neutrinos pass right through ordinary matter, no matter how dense. I mean, something like five hundred million billion just passed through you."
Sunstreaker: *skeptical look to Sideswipe* "No matter how dense?"
Sideswipe: "Hey. if you'd been listening, you'd know that Nintendos pass through everything. Everything."

13. Prowl: *enraged* "Red Alert said there was a brawl!"
Sideswipe: "More of a scuffle...sir."
Prowl: "You're lucky you didn't kill any of those men!"
Sunstreaker: "No, we were very careful about that Prowl."

14. A pair of mechs get caught in some failed experiment getting them stuck in a time loop. The only solution out of it? They have twenty four hours to confince their surperiors that there is a loop, and get the appropriate mechs to come up with a solution. But hey, when you're living the same day over and over, why not take a few days off? Or admit things/do things you never would otherwise?


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