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They're Weird )

9. "What are you in for?"

10. "...Did Ramjet just understand Perceptor!?!"

11. "You obviously don't comprehend the level of insane I operate at."

12. Beast wars characters acting out The Killer Rabbit from Monty Python and The Holy Grail.
Waspinator: Tim The Enchanter
Silverbolt: Sir Robin
Terrorsaur: Sir Lancelot
Tigatron: Sir Galahad
Cheetor: King Arthur
Stampy: Killer Rabbit

13. Art. Wheeljack in a box labeled "Highly Explosive, keep your distance"

14. G1. The Twins learn that angry Wheeljack is scarier than Angry Ratchet. Why? Wheeljack throws his half finished projects instead of wrenches.

15. G1. A virus is going around The Ark and the Nemesis. Suddenly, mechs are speaking with the voices of famous characters, or getting a character's personality, or saying things they'd never say before.(Bonus points for getting personalities from other universes)

16. Art. Swoop and First Aid beating Megatron into submission with wrenches, Ratchet looking proud, the twins running away in horror

17. G1. Sideswipe:*dressed up as a pirate* Come on, say it!
Swoop: No, Swoop don't wanna!*flies off*
Sideswipe: Great, NOW where am I gonna get a parrot!

18. "So, what do you guys want for breakfast?"
"Gummy Bears!"
"Steve, no! We both know how you get around gummy bears!"
Vehicons/Eradicons in the morning?
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1. Any verse. Megatron and Prime have a drinking contest. The winner is the winner of the war.
2.Ani: Lockdown finds Blurr's cube. Whichever sides pays the most gets it.
3.G1. Ravage and Steeljaw lose their memories and switch places.
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Wow. I just realized we have 104 members and that 114 people are watching this community. And there have been 358 entries (not counting this one). *shocked*

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The 1930s have nothing to do with this post. I've just been looking at really old ads. Meat was 18 cents a pound and none of the cars were over $200. That's so not fair.

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Once again, I have fallen behind in replying to comments. Hopefully, I'll be fully caught up by next weekend. Sorry for taking so long.

Perceptor threatened to run away, so in order to make him feel better, a lot of these are about Blaster. Perceptor's not escaping the bunnies completely though. )

Well, that's as much of a break as you're getting, Perceptor. *drags Perceptor over to the inprogress list*

Perceptor: *cries*
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I still haven't decided on whether the contest entries should be anonymous. I want entries to be judged on how well they're written, not on who wrote them. But I don't really want them to be anonymous. If they're not anonymous, do you think voters can be trusted to vote for the best fic, not who wrote it?

Also, text size has been acting up for me. If anything looks too small or too large, that's why.


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