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1. Skywarp teleports into the Ark to assassinate Optimus Prime.

2. TFA Captain Fanzone and TFP Agent Fowler meet. I think they could get along great.

3. How would G1 Red Alert feel if he met TFA Red Alert?

4. There’s a serial killer loose in the city of Portland. Each time he kills, he leaves behind a drawn Autobot or Decepticon symbol. The Autobots step in to help the authorities track down the killer.

4a. There's a connection. What if the victim talked to an Autobot in passing? That’s why the killer is doing it.

4b. The killer hates the Transformers or is mentally unstable?

4c. The Decepticons learn about the killer thanks to Laserbeak. They are curious as well. They start their own investigation.

4d. The killer eventually goes after either Spike, Carly, Sparkplug, Raoul, Astoria, Chip Chase.

5. What if a human tries to hijack a Decepticon?

6. An Autobot gets charged with desertion.

7. Smokescreen is a therapist to the Autobots. Why not to their human friends?

8. Some of the soldiers want to spar with Optimus Prime.

9. "Ouch, that hurts Carly."

"Don't be such a baby, Spike. Its only a small splinter in your finger."

"Will you kiss my finger to make it better?"

Nearby a small group of Autobots are watching them.

Random bot: "I thought Spike could handle pain better than that."

Random bot 2: "He's trying to flirt with her."

Random bot 3: "You call that flirting?"

10. The Minibots get turn into sparklings.

11. What if all who were visors are blind? Jazz, Trailbreaker, First Aid, etc.

12. Wheeljack's inventions always blow up not because of him. Its someone else who doesn't want to see him succeed. Two culprits. One to distract Wheeljack and the other to sabotaged the invention. This goes on through the war and while on Earth. Eventually they make a mistake and they are found out. They are doing this maybe because of his inventions did explode causing their spark mates/friend/lover died.

13. The Transformers find the bunny farm.

14. An Autobot nearly dies from battle injuries and gets a visit from Primus. Primus shows him a small scene from the future. When the bot wakes up, he alienates himself from his friends because he knows they are going to die.

15. *Autobot groans* "What ran over me?"


16. The Decepticons have made a zoo for captured Autobots. They film when they feed them and they film when they torture them. Decepticons gather to watch both events.

17. An Autobot is tired of caring. He turns his emotional components off. (Is that how you say that?)

18. Any verse: Someone thinks they're calling the phone sex line. Instead they reach the Autobot or Decepticon base.

19. G1 The Scientists(Wheeljack, Perceptor, and Skyfire) study quicksand.

20. Any verse: Humans are tired of Ratchet telling them the food they eat isn't healthy.

21. Movie verse: Soundwave called Sam's parents to get their location. Would he show up on caller ID if he tries to kidnap a human again?

22. Aerialbots, Seekers, Blades, Powerglide, Skyfire - basically anyone who flies. Humans wave at them in the sky. (I do this a lot regardless if they can see me or not. A way of saying hey.)

23. I see lots of Transformers in heat fanfics. What if Brawn or Cliffjumper is in heat?

24. Wheeljack/Inferno

Sunstreaker/Tracks/Ironhide - "That's my story and I'm sticking to it."

25. A femme is seriously injured. They put her spark into a drone until they fix her.

26. Grapple, Hoist, and Wheeljack work on a project together.

27. TFA: Sentinel Prime becomes a human

28. He was so slagged if the smirks on the Wreckers faces were anything to go by.

29. The Ark is in the desert so the Transformers are bound to leave foot prints. Red Alert's paranoia goes up a bit.

30. "How can anyone see with the sun glaring down on us?"

31. First Aid shows up to work drunk.

32. Bluestreak is like an adorable puppy. Femmes go crazy over him resulting in many jealous mechs.

33. Having three Special Ops mad at you is never good.

34. Snapshots of Autobots dealing with civilians.

35. Astoria meets Carly.

36. "Will you stop shooting! You're going to bleed out."

"If I do, they're going to over run us!"

37. "There is no where for you to go. No one is coming to rescue you. Are you ready to accept your fate? Put down your weapon."

38. All Optimus Prime's and Megatron's meet up from each continuity.

39. Movie verse: Autobots are going to a battle. Bad thing is, they're on a toll road and have to pay a fee to continue going.

40. Bumblebee explains to Spike and Carly about their energy fields and how you can read them.

41. Movie verse: Mikaela becomes a femme Transformer. By the remaining shard of the Allspark.

42. G1 Carly becomes a femme Transformer.

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Skywarp's Mission


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