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I thought what if Cliffjumper's hatred for the Decepticons had more depth to it?
And then there is the singular traitor episode where lots of people take for characterising him. (Which I hate the prevalence by the by)

1. Cliffjumper has issues with the Decepticons and traitors because he almost joined their faction instead of the Autobots. But for whatever reason (perhaps his minibot status or because he wasn't quite to their standard) he was refused, and since joining the Autobots his guilt reflects his reactions. His passion to the cause is now irrefutable and he has made some great friends amongst the Autobots but in recharge he is haunted by what could have been had things gone a different route.

2. Or he was betrayed by someone he was close to. Someone who is now currently a Decepticon. A willing Decepticon who was only using Cliffjumper to get close to Optimus Prime to destroy him.
B. This friend was Soundwave who at one time courted CJ to become one of his casseticons.
C. Reflector. Or rather the three "components" who were actually Minibots triplets. Minibots are supposed to stick together,  so doubly betraying CJ.

3. Animated x G1 Cliffjumper had been in a relationship he thought genuine but in reality they were merely using him to gain access to Autobot intel. As CJ was a secretary prior to the war with access to important files.
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1. It's widely believed that when a seeker's wings are irreparably damaged, said seeker tends to slip into madness. The humane thing to do in this case is to put the seeker out of his or her misery.

Starscream is shot down in battle and his wings are utterly trashed. Megatron opts to leave him behind (no sense wasting resources on a mech who's just going to go mad, after all) and the Autobots take him back to their base in the hopes that something can be done for him. When it turns out there's no way Ratchet can repair Starscream, it kicks off a moral dilemma: should they kill Starscream while he's in stasis or let him live in misery?

2. A variation on the first bunny and incorporating some of this bunny as well. Vos has aerial seekers (Starscream et al) as well as non-aerials or "skimmers" (Cliffjumper); skimmers are actually the Vosian variant of minibots. When an aerial's wings are irreparably damaged, Vosian medics either modify the frame to non-aerial or - if the damage is too great - transfer the ex-aerial's spark to a non-aerial frame.

Same scenario as above happens, only when the debate starts Cliffjumper and any other minibot that might actually be Vosian (I'm thinking Bumblebee) insist on modifying Starscream into a non-aerial frame. When questions start being asked, the two minis reveal that they're actually seekers, discard whatever excess armor they've been using to disguise themselves, and reveal what has actually been happening to damaged aerial seekers over the eons.

Bonus points here if Bumblebee/non-Cliffjumper mini was actually an aerial seeker long before the war and was modified due to severe damage.
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So, I basically created this account for the sole purpose of joining this farm. Is that sad, or is that sad?
Anyways, not much for this first post, just a couple of pretty big Animated bunnies. I already have an idea for a story for this first bunny, but I'm curious to see what anyone else can do with it.

This is how you do a cut, right? )
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The rains have started again. And I can't tell what's growing faster in the garden, the bunnies or the weeds. @_@

*dumps out a pile of waterlogged bunnies* )


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I was contemplating Triple changers while working (bad brain) and decided that there should be more of them (but no one said they had to be big bots!)

So which of the autobots is secretly a triple changer, with extra bonus points (and a drabble of the authors choice) if you post one where the bot is a mini!

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Um. Hi. First post! Been lurking for a while now, breeding bunnies for even longer, finally heard of this place and rounded up some of these suckers for a post. Enjoy!




*tosses bag over fence and runs* )


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So I've never actually posted on LJ communities before, so I hope I'm doing this right. Anyways, ignoring the fact I'm coming out of nowhere in the shadows, I obviously have some bunnies to share :). Not a lot of bunnies, just a lot of spin offs. Some can be taken into a slashy context FYI.

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To those of you looking at me saying something along the lines of "weren't you here just a few days ago?", the answer is yes. I was just here, and yes, I do have another 25 for you. They seemed to have slowed down now though, so maybe there will be a bit of a pause.

If you're easily disturbed at all, I apologize for 24. I am a country child myself, so things like that are kind of common-place )
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Haha! I found out how to make cuts work with my computer!
It involves a lot of bypassing popup blockers.

Anyway, I have some interesting ideas.

Under here )
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...and this comes when I should be studying for my Latin quiz. Joy of joys.

Although technically, this could be considered a minibot bunny as well.... )

Ahh, crack, why do you torment me when I need to study?!
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Long time lurker. Occasional commenter. First time poster.

A pinch of fairy dust and more than a hint of movie spoilers. )

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Well, hello everybody. Apart from my small post a few weeks ago, I've been awful quiet here at the farm. One of the Bunnies kidnapped me and tortured me. But I escaped! Sadly I had to kill the bunny in the process. :( It has a nice unmarked grave to rest in and should any Transformers ever find it and dig it up, well woe betide them. So Under the cut are the still hopping ones.

The Bunny has Landed (26) )


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