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So I've got two bunnies, and they both have to do with the Fanzone family oddly enough.

1. The reason the Fanzones have such bad luck with machines is because they come from a long line of wizards and witches (I was thinking of the Harry Potter or Dresden versions) who choose to continue to live in the non-magic world rather than the wizarding world.

2. There is one Fanzone who actually likes machines and technology. Unfortunately, whenever he tries to use something complicated or tinker with something, the Fanzone luck strikes. Explosions are not uncommon around him. And like any tech geek, he's not gonna pass up the chance to meet the Autobots.

Pretty sure these didn't need cuts. They're pretty short.
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So, another batch of the itty-bitty little things; with all the work I have for school, they certainly choose their time to show up -_-
Hope you'll like!


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I've recently come into possession of a DVD of a lovely movie: The Secret of Roan Inish (WARNING: Spoilers in the Wikipedia summary. The poster recommends you get your own copy - which is usually under $10). Watching it has set the current thought in motion...

Although Detective Fanzone's name seems to be of Italian derivative, he LOOKS to be of Irish, Scottish or Scots-Irish descent. These are cultures with strong oral narratives of Faerie. The Faerie who had a tendency to "steal" human children.

If Fanzone's family (on his mother's side or perhaps his father's side is Gaelic in all but name to do whims of patronymic tradition) is in touch with its Gaelic roots, how would it regard Sari's adoption by the Autobots? She'd be a "changeling" in most ways. Of course, this might not be a bad thing (even the most anti-fay would have to acknowledge that there was nobody else willing to take her in), but it would be...interesting.
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Why do bunnies absolutely love bombarding/mobbing you all at once? No, seriously, for about two weeks I only came up with about six bunnies then the rest just jumped me in the past two days.

And a bunch of odd random facts found on character profiles )
Still not sure I did all the tags right. *grumbles*

*peeks in*

Jul. 25th, 2008 08:17 am
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Heyla, folks. Newbie plotbunny-breeder here. Hope you don't mind me adding to the hutch.

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