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That's right, People! Yet another obssessed fan joins the ranks! ;)


1. Bluestreak needs no full stops!


2. Femme: Remind me why I love you, again.

Hook: *smugly* Because I’m charming, handsome, intelligent and perfect for you in everyway.

*Zombie charges for Hook from behind*

Femme: Duck!

*Hook does so, Femme shoots Zombie, it crashes to the floor, dead*

Hook: *dumbstruck*

Femme: *smug*

Possible reaction 1. Hook: Oh, I so had that under control.

Femme: Sure.

Possible reaction 2. Hook: *sucking up* I love you, Honey…?

Femme: *smirks*

Possible reaction 3. Femme: (to Zombie or Hook) How d’you like me now, bitch? *walks off*

Hook: (to himself) Oh, I love it when she takes charge… so hot. Mm. Fabulous…


3. The Seekers as the iCarly cast, I’m thinking:

Starscream- Carly (the pretty, smart one. It kinda fits)

Skywarp- Sam (violent an’ pushy, plus I have a feeling that Skywarp wouldn’t get along very well with Skyfire, anyway)

Skyfire- Freddie (because both characters are so in love with Carly/Starscream)

Thundercracker- Spencer (I was a little unsure with this one, but I think TC would make a great big bro!)

An’ I have no idea about who anyone else can play, but there you go!


4. Shattered Glass: Hook/Scrapper- as fluffy an’ cute as possible! J


5. Y’know, I’ve seen fics in normal G1 where the Decepticons were actually kinda nice or noble or took care of each other. But I’ve never seen it done with Shattered Glass, all the fics I’ve read about them, they’ve been really dark an’ scary. Not that dark an’ scary Blaster isn’t good. …In fact, it’s kinda hot.


6. There’s been Prowl/Ratchet, Prowl/Red Alert, Ratchet/Red Alert, but never any Prowl/Red Alert/Ratchet (Please take note I put Red in the middle.), they would make a great threesome!


7. A really fluffy moment between Hook and Ratchet, I always thought they’d be brothers or something like that.  


8. Modified from an awesome Red vs Blue clip:

*In the middle of battle, Hook just got prevented from going back to Decepticon HQ by a gaggle of Autobots cornering him. He expresses his delight.*

Hook: Okay, look, guys. I don’t mean to be rude, but I’ve got a missing femfriend, a guy who’s pregnant, an idiot who thinks his pet just died and our worst enemy is hanging out unsupervised in our base, right now. So I really, really, really don’t have time for this turbo-slag, right now!

*Long pause*

Random Autobot: Uh, what was that part about the pregnant guy?

Hook: He’s not pregnant!! That’s impossible!


9. Blaster: Yo, femmes an’ mechs! This is ya favourite radio personality broadcastin’ live, from Autobot HQ! That’s right, ma peeps! The Voice is back!


10. Transformers 1 an’ 2 (2007, 2009): >Deep breath< Blaster, Tracks an’ Blaster’s Cassettes have been hiding out on Earth all this time, like a lot of other bunnies/stories I’ve read, Miles is Rewind (Blaster knew that Sam would be in constant danger, so he sent Rewind to pose as a human friend for him. Plus, he kinda felt sorry for the dork). Hook (because Hasbro so rudely discarded him) is also on Earth causing secretive havoc and mayhem, an’ it’s up Blaster, Tracks an’ Co to track him down an’ stop him from doing evil or whatever.

But all of them must avoid detection by both sides, Blaster an’ the others don’t want to be caught up in the war again and Hook has his own secretive (an’ probably rather sexy) agenda. They’ve also been trapped in solid holographic states, but that’s okay, because they all know where their bodies are. Tracks uses his for transport for the group, Hook keeps his locked up safe an’ Blaster’s is orbiting planet Earth. That’s right movie people, meet Soundwave’s Number One rival: Blaster!

I’m thinking eventually they all get caught out an’ are brought back to their respective bases, the Autobots are thrilled (not being sarcastic here) to have their friends back, an’ Megatron is actually rather pleased with having a competent medic around, with degrees, thank you very much.

Also, somewhere in the fic there has to be an amazingly cool fight scene between Blaster and Soundwave. It’s kinda funny, ’cause I sorta picture movie!Blaster at half Soundwave’s height.

Possible added twists:

a) Blaster is one of the only Cybertronians capable of carrying sparklings. >insert usual discussion about morals/the good of the race here<

b) Hook is secretly a femme. I’m sorry, guys. It had to be done.


11. Blaster has some really weird recharge habits, the others find this out when the Cassette Player is injured an’ has to spend the night in the Medbay:

a) Blaster sings in his recharge. He’d probably be really good, an’ when he woke up there would be a bunch of bots around him, listening.

Blaster: Wtf?!

Bots: *staring*

b) Blaster says really scary violent things in his recharge. Cue scared/amused/freaked out Autobots.

Blaster: I’ll fraggin’ kill ya! I’ll kill ya all!

Bots: *scared*

Blaster: Must… kill… Soundwave!

c) Blaster- since I believe him to be a telepath, just as powerful as Soundwave, except Blaster specialising in emotions an’ Sounds in mind reading (but they can do both)- blurts out people’s bots secrets while he recharges, this could either be really funny as in silly:

Blaster: Prowl sleeps with a teddy. Prime wets the berth. Sideswipe looks at human porn on the internet.

Prowl, Prime an’ Sides: *totally embarrassed*

Bots: rotfl

Or it could be funny as in Blaster reviling who likes who and how far bots have gone:

Blaster: Hound likes Mirage. Inferno an’ Red kissed. Tracks likes… me? Hm. Last night, Jazz an’ Prowl-


Bots: *embarrassed/making out with new found loves*

Or it could be really dark, say:

Blaster: Jazz is a murderer. Cliffjumper is a traitor. Ironhide had an affair.

Bots: *horrified*


12. Blaster gets really upset when you shout at him, unless it’s ‘happy yelling’, eg. you’re yelling “Hi!” to him over loud music, or you’re trying to get his attention by shouting “Oi, Blaster!”, otherwise he gets scared an’ upset. A superior officer who doesn’t know Blaster very well yells at him, since he thinks Blaster is being insubordinate, when in fact he isn’t used to Blaster’s methods/ways. Blaster ends up in the corner, curled in a ball, crying. Jazz and many of the others are not amused.

Jazz: *comforting distraught Blaster* S’okay, Blaster. S’okay. The idiot didn’t know what he was talkin’ ’bout. You’ve done nothin’ wrong, s’okay.

Blaster: *sob*


13. ??: (in totally weird accent) Vell, vell. Look oo’tis. Virst Aid. Yoor very handzome mechleeng, yoo kno’? Alvayz vere.

First Aid: I’m sorry, do I know you?

??: Not yet, Szeetzpark. But yoo vill. I knew yoor creatorsz. Both ov vhem. ’Ook particularly vell. He belonged to me before he eveer belonged to yoor szana. He vas… szuch a handsome mechleeng, too. Much vike yoorzelf. Intelligent, charming and zo very full ov potential.

First Aid: You knew them? You knew Hook? How?

??: Eet iz long, complicated sztory. Come viv me, and I tell yoo all…


14. Its Halloween an’ Red Alert’s scared out of his wits.


15. A couple of Bots an’/or Cons wanna be vampires.


16. Hook is in love. He won’t tell anyone who it is. The other Constructicons try to find out. They can’t. Eventually the entire Decepticon (an’ Autobot, for kicks) army is interrogating him.


17. Blaster is terrified. Why?


18. (Could go with 17) Blaster is deathly afraid of Ultra Magnus.


19. Hot Rod is Optimus Prime an’ Elita-One’s first born son. Starscream is Megatron an’ some incredibly evil femme’s youngest daughter. They kinda like each other. Oh dear. And just to make it more awkward an’ harder for the two, Galvatron is Starscream’s older brother. I can so see that when they gat caught out somebot is gonna start preaching about love and justice and ‘freedom is the right of all sentient beings- so leave ’em the frag alone!’. I think that bot should be Blaster.


20. ??: Why must everything I love be destroyed? Why must I be constantly miserable?! Why must everything and everyone close to me eventually crumble into meaningless space-particles?!!

????: Um, because in your previous life you were possibly the most evil being Cybertron had ever seen?

??: …Fair play.       


21. The Transformers find fanfiction. They find out about all the other continuations. Endless amusement ensues.    

G1!Skywarp: You mean to tell me, somewhere out in the unknown universe there’s a loyal Starscream?!

G1!Sidswipe: Yup.

G1!Skywarp: …Well, frag.


Starscream: (referring to Armada) Oh, great. In this one, I seem to be some kind of whiney emo kid. Fan-slagging-tastic.


Jazz: (referring to 2007 Movie) What th’ FRAG?! I die?! Are ya kiddin’ me?! I can’t be dead! Jazz don’t do dead! Ya can’t be dead wit’ style! Yer jus’ dead! Dead ain’t ma kinda thing!

Ratchet: Apparently neither is quiet.


22. Scrapper: (to Hook) We should get moving, soon.

Hook: And we will. *prods recharging sparkling(s) on his chest plate, they protest* …As soon as I am free to move again.


23. The Protectobots are pretty much the Dinobots an’ Aerialbot’s little brothers. Needless to say, the two older teams can get very, very overprotective.


24. Onslaught: So, what did Hook say?

Motormaster: Somin’ about ‘killing us all’.   

Onslaught: Hm. Well, that certainly sounds like him.


25. *Scrapper comes into the room with a communication-like devise, he goes up to Hook,*

Scrapper: *covering ‘phone’ with a servo* Hey, Hook, it’s your creators. They wanna talk to you.

*Hook shakes his head and holds up his servos defensively.*

Hook: I’m not here, I’m not here! Nononononono- Hi, Sana, Pada! How are you?


26. Ratchet tells First Aid how important the little medic is to him, he actually is so fond of him he views the Protectobot as his own creation.


27. Hot Spot: I’m afraid in Blades’s warped, twisted little mind, insulting First Aid, or saying something not positive about him, or just looking at him funny deserves the death sentence.


28. The Combaticons are quite a bit older than the Protectobots, old enough to be their creators, the Combaticons an’ Protectobots have a lot of similarities. It wouldn’t be surprising if the Combaticons were their creators.


29. The Combaticons, because they have Vortex, refer to Blades as ‘baby copter’ or ‘little chopper’.


30. The Decepticons took one look at the incredibly pissed off, furiously angry, absolutely terrifying Hook standing in the doorway, glaring, an' they knew. They knew they were all completely, utterly screwed.

Date: 2009-10-28 10:48 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] anonfirefly.livejournal.com
I'll take all the ones concerning Hook!! XD And 24 is going into my GBDS story!!

Date: 2009-10-28 11:40 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] anonfirefly.livejournal.com
YES!! Hook is awesome!! XD

And welcome to the ranks of the Transformers Obssessed and the Breeders of the TF Bunny Farm!

Date: 2009-10-29 08:53 pm (UTC)
lady_katana4544: (Default)
From: [personal profile] lady_katana4544
Interesting pretty little bunnies. :D

Date: 2009-10-30 09:32 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] outerelf.livejournal.com
20. ??: Why must everything I love be destroyed? Why must I be constantly miserable?! Why must everything and everyone close to me eventually crumble into meaningless space-particles?!!
????: Um, because in your previous life you were possibly the most evil being Cybertron had ever seen?
??: …Fair play.

I think I can use this one. I think I can, just gotta figure out some way to fit it into my story...

Date: 2009-11-10 09:18 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] tmnt-tech-geek.livejournal.com
#11 - you forgot d

d) some really messed up combination of more than one or all of the above.

(seriously, this.. this is a tempting bunny. I would probably make it dark AND funny)


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