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This is the first time I post anything here so please poke me if I do anything wrong. The bunny below is dark and mentions M-rated themes so please avoid if that bothers you.

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They're practically ancient and I had always hoped I would write them someday, but ... so far I have managed nothing. I might still pick them up, really. 2030 or so.

Also, beware, both bunnies are VERY detailed, but that's only because they have been in my mind for so long. If someone wants to take them up feel free to change all and everything. :)

1) Prowl's origin story )

2) Starscream's origin story )
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I don't think this really needs a spoiler cut, but since the movie only just came out, I decided to put it behind one just in case.

After seeing the new movie I've had a burning, burning, need for more angst involving Lockdown and Optimus. I'll take anything, but if it involved torture, degradation and abuse all on Lockdown's ship I'd wiggle joyously! I don't even care if its slightly AU or not, I would just REALLY like to see more defeated Prime and Lockdown being a hideous bastard.
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Except for the world of the Transformers Animated cartoon (and probably the big part of the Malgus stream), Cybertron is dead in almost every other time line in the other universal clusters. Worse, Cybertronians are either going extinct or will take a long time to re-populate.

So if the Earth team from TFA lands accidentally in a time line of Primax, Aligned, Aurex, etc. and the native Cybertronians learn that Optimus, Bumblebee and Bulkhead are younglings, not even 50,000 years old-

What if some desparate bots tried to force them to stay?

These bots have nothing to lose - these three younglings could save their race. Who cares what they have to do or that it might not work until they try and know? Who cares if their ideas are farfetched or insane? All is lost either way. They won't 'hurt' them, because of their status, but given the state of the respective Cybertrons, the Malgus bots aren't safe from unsavory events and from Cybertronians trying to use them for their ends either. And 'hurt' can mean anything if it doesn't matter what you want, only what others want from you.

A. The native Cybertronians the crew meets are the 'main' Autobot characters of the respective time streams, like Prowl, Jazz, Optimus Prime in Primax etc.

a. They are welcomed, but as soon as the information about Bumblebee, Optimus and Bulkhead comes to light, the plotting begins.

b. They are arrested as potential invanders/spies/etc. The situation quickly flows down the drain.

c. The scientists come to the conclusion the younglings could carry if they spark merge...

B. The crew meets the main Decepticons characters of the respective time streams, like Starscream, Soundwave, Megatron in Primax etc.

a. Starscream and Soundwave do their damndest to protect the three, including from their own faction and the Autobots.

b. Shockwave wants to see if he can convert/mutate the younglings to more 'native coding'.

c. Other scenarios.
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It's not a full grown plot bunny, but I've been wanting to read a 'good intentions' fic (ie the road to hell is paved with good intentions).  Something where Bot A does something he thinks is nice/needed/helpful for Bot B and it turns out it isn't and things just go very bad very quickly.  If any one could make that work, it would be great.  Thanks!
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Human formers verse

Imagine waking up to an unfamiliar ceiling feeling disoriented, and realizing something does not feel right. You are in a cell, a small one, walls covered in cold sterile white tiles that are favored by lab because they’re easy to wash off.

There is another cell next to yours, bars serrate them. Just wide enough for an arm or hand to slip through.

From beyond the bars of her cell you can see that there are white tiles everywhere and stainless steel tables gleaming dully in the harsh over head lights and the rank stench of disinfectants is heavy in the cold air.

Men in white coats, they are obviously scientists, walk up to the cell door and talk about you as if you are an object and you get to find out exactly what they plan to do to you.

So begins their nightmare.


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The Canary and the Queen

Movie!verse element AU sorta

First there was a general bunny:

"In which Optimus decided that the well-being of ALL sentient peoples in the universe was of lesser value than the well-being of ALL Cybertronian people." And the long term fallout that comes after that decision. As told through the interpretation and experiences of Optimus' human pet -- a pet he believes is not sentient.

Mainly there was a lot of M/OP porn and politics and maybe not too obvious manipulations of Prime by his Protector ... from the unfortunate voyeur POV of the pet.

Then I had fifty bajillion thoughts and the bunny became Unicron )
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This may qualify as more of a prompt then a bunny, Im not sure. But in anycase i would love to see a story based off the song listed below. Of course as im into Jazz and Prowl right now i would really like to see it done for them. Buuut any pairing would do.

The Race is On - Sawyer Brown

I feel tears wellin' up cold deep inside
like my heart's sprung a big break
and a stab of loneliness sharp and painful
that I may never shake

You might say that I was taking it hard
since you wrote me off with a call
But don't you wager that I'll hide in sorrow
when I may lay right down and bawl


Now the race is on
and here comes pride in the backstretch
Heartaches goin' to the inside
My tears are holdin' back
They're tryin' not to fall
My heart's out of the runnin'
True love's scratched for another's sake
The race is on and it looks like heartaches
and the winner loses all

One day I ventured in love
never once suspectin' what the final result would be
and how I lived in fear of waking up each morning
finding that you're gone from me
There's ache and pain in my heart
for today was the one that I hated to face
Somebody new came up the winner
and I came out in second place


Now the race is on
and here comes pride in the backstretch
Heartaches goin' to the inside
My tears are holdin' back
They're tryin' not to fall
My heart's out of the runnin'
True love's scratched for another's sake
The race is on and it looks like heartaches
and the winner loses all

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Apr. 27th, 2012 09:11 pm
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So I started watching Transformers G1 again from the very first episode and began pondering Transformers in general... the bunnies decided then was a perfect time to assault me.


XD No really, yay. I was greatly amused by my own thoughts.

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First time poster, long time lurker. Hopefully I do this right

Sky Lynx was severely abused by his creator Primacron for several orns. He ends up escaping and has told no one and so far no one other then Primacron knows.

Prime or one of the others, Prowl possibly, start to suspect something is wrong when Sky Lynx has an uncharacteristic reaction to something the other Autobots would see as mundane and non threatening. Maybe something that involves a medical procedure or tool ?

The Twins see it and use in a prank on Sky Lynx, honestly believing its harmless but the unexpected reaction results in either Sky Lynx injuring himself or accidentally injuring a fellow Autobot. At this point there are a lot of questions being raised but Sky Lynx refuses to talk about it. It would take some convincing and maybe a little pushing from some one he trusts for him start to talk about.
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 So.. somehow.. while writing an angst Sam turned 'Bot idea.... the twins *sigh* the twins attached themselves to Sam in a sexual sense..
Primus help me.
The twins from Transformers G1 attached somehow became attracted to Sam and thus this wonderful threesome plot bunny was formed.
Anyway... because I have no time at all to write this fic I'm posting it here and hoping it will be adopted.....
I am going to post what I have written and if you have questions you need to ask them with in the next five days of this post because I am leaving the country.
Sam X G1 Twins
Warning! This is kinda meant to be a hurt/comfort/smex kinda thing... and if I had the time I would write it.

Kinda M-Rated... there are implications toward the end... JUST TAKE IT! )
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Everyone knows that Sunstreaker is super vain, and is always making himself look good and showing off. But what if that's not really the case? Sunstreaker has a lover, one that not even Sideswipe knows about (he's too busy with courting his own love interest to notice, or whatever reason you can come up with). This lover, however, is extremely controlling and is constantly putting the golden twin down. He makes Sunny feel very insecure about himself and is constantly telling him how ugly is and how lucky Sunny is to have him, because no one else wants someone who is so ugly. Sunny becomes obssessive about keeping himself looking good. However, while polish is good for mechs when used appropriately, too much will corrode plating and begin destoying circuitry. Eventually other Autobots start to notice how brittle Sunstreaker is becoming, but Sunny can't see it. All he sees is an ugly, tacky mech when he looks in the mirror.
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So, this is the story.

Prowl has attraction to social butterfly Jazz, but as his superior officer (or just shy in this kind of stuff mech) don’t say a word about it. Once, after celebrating of victory over decepticons/cibertronium holiday/etc. totally drunk Jazz offer Prowl “to have some fun” and tactician accept it like his chance to confess his feelings to saboteur. But the next morning Prowl find his lover with someone else and seems like Jazz don’t pay attention to the previous night at all (or even don’t remember it). 

Farther you free in your fantasy, but I like happy endings and would like to see in the end joyful Prowl in PJ or other paringB
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What if Soundwave had always been the real power behind the Decepticons, and Megatron is only his mind-cotrolled puppet? At the very begining of Megatron's little insurrection, he meets SOundwave, powerful telepath, misterious mech with a dark past... He offered him weapons and mods to make him stronger, more powerful but... Megatron realises too late that those 'gifts' come with an high price. Soundwave uses his telepathy, and takes complete comntrol over Megatron's mind, slowly, flawlessly, and over time. It is not a sudden happening, but a slow, well-planned and thorough process... In the ends, megatron is in command because of his qualities of leader and Commander, and such, but SOundwave pull the strings behid the scenes, and if Megatron ever tries to rebel (which he surely does) he can punish him any way you want. Pain, pleasure, both... It's up to you!

So... You can use smut (in fact it'll make it even better to me) and torture, both mental and physical. In a word, SOundwave is a twisted yet brilliant manipulator and stop at nothing to get what he wants. And he wants Cybertron... through Megatron.

SO here it is! Hope someone adopt it!
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1) That in G1 especially, the Autobot symbol looks like Megatron, and the Decepticon one looks like Optimus?
And thus my mind leads me to angsty past between these two.

2) Crossover with Naruto. Jinchuurikis make the worlds best batteries for transformers, but of course, they're rare. Queue the great hunt for the demon containers!
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Hey this is the first time I've posted something on here and if I did something wrong or didn't do it at all then please tell me so I can correct it. ^_^

On to the bunny! This takes place in G1., it can be whatever rating you want it, and you can make this as dark, romantic, angsty as you wish just, if you could avoid to much humor unless you really want too. XD

I've read a lot of fics about Jazz seducing Prowl and succeding. I don't mind that of course because good things usually happen but I was wondering about something. Most of the time Prowl does not want to be with Jazz or 'face with him at a certain time but because of Jazz's persuasive act and skills Jazz usually gets what he wants and it ends happily which is always awesome! Now imagine if Prowl doesn't like it. That he does what Jazz wants and falls into a pattern he does not enjoy.

My bunny involves times such as this. Prowl is 'persuaded' by Jazz to be in a relationship with him, Prowl 'faces with Jazz during times he doesn't wish too, and someone catches on (( it can be Jazz or another bot(s). ))

This bunny could in end in many ways but I would prefer a pairing of:
1. Jazz/Prowl
2. Optimus/Prowl
3. Twins/Prowl

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This bunny made itself known to me about a month or so ago, but I have NO idea what to do with it.

Universe:  G1
Characters:  Smokescreen and Mirage
Prompt/Bunny:  Both characters have abilities that allow them to hide/conceal themselves.  I can see great potential for angst in this idea, but it could also lead to pure fluffy crack.  Who knows?  :)  I'd also like to see this slip into slash and the two characters find solace or a kindred spirit in each other, OR go the other direction and just have them dragging each other into a downward spiral - perhaps to do with why they have their abilities (are they natural or mods - if mods, why did they get them?). 

*sigh*  Now you see why I can't figure out what to do with it, my ideas all conflict one another! XD  Hopefully, someone's able to figure this one out.
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I listened to the Hobastank's I Don't Think I Love You from the ROTF OST

What if Megatron and Optimus were not only brothers but spark-twins. What if Optimus felt something more than he should for Megy.

Cue in some angst and not necesairly graphic twincest. Maybe it's OP who changed Megatron into what he is now, maybe OP acted on his desires and done something he regrets up to this day

I have the strangest ideas lately.
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One of the Autobots (can be canon or some random bot that has no name) decides that the humans are not worth protecting or worth dying for. He says that the Autobots would be better of without us scrambling around all the time, causing trouble in battle with the various hostage situations and that human tech and knowledge were so far behind their own that they shouldn't even be associating with us. And he lists every single thing wrong with human society.

The other Autobots (while inside may believe that what the mech says is right) don't want to admit it and they tell him to shut up. Too late. Several humans overhear everything before the Autobots discover their presence. Several tense moments pass, shocked faced and on the verge of tears, the humans walk out silently and don't talk to any of the Bots as they head back to their homes.

Now this could go several ways:

1. Human pride has been insulted and a challenge has been issued. Human governments across the globe clean up their acts and humanity is slowly, but surely repaired, without the help of the Autobots in anyway. Humans even begin to repel Decepticon attacks by themselves.

2. Human pride has been insulted. The governments will not take this action lying down.

3. One of the humans who overhear the anti-human Autobot says, "At least we haven't started a war that's destroyed our entire planet and gone to another so we can keep killing everything there."

Morality/Social Justice class has been making me ponder about the state of the human race. While it has improved significantly over the several million years since humanity evolved, a lot of new challenges have come to light along with a lot of new injustices. Sort of makes me wonder if the human race is even worth saving...

Adopt one today!


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