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I have never seen much in the way of fics that take on the issue of the Maximal residency in the Ark, and what the Autobots would make of it after they wake up in 1984.

Even the best job at cleaning up may leave traces, even if the only traces left is a data trail in Teletraan - they did, after all, need to wake up the computer to help fix up Optimus Prime after Pred!Megatron tried to kill him.

I would love to see someone in the Ark crew uncovering traces of the Maximals and, given that the Maximals did try to clean up, becoming a sort-of detective trying to find out what the hell this stuff he's finding means.

Extra kudos if it includes Optimus knowing far more than he lets on (after all, his spark got temporarily transfered into Primal, for it's protection).
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Haha! I found out how to make cuts work with my computer!
It involves a lot of bypassing popup blockers.

Anyway, I have some interesting ideas.

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One of the Autobots (can be canon or some random bot that has no name) decides that the humans are not worth protecting or worth dying for. He says that the Autobots would be better of without us scrambling around all the time, causing trouble in battle with the various hostage situations and that human tech and knowledge were so far behind their own that they shouldn't even be associating with us. And he lists every single thing wrong with human society.

The other Autobots (while inside may believe that what the mech says is right) don't want to admit it and they tell him to shut up. Too late. Several humans overhear everything before the Autobots discover their presence. Several tense moments pass, shocked faced and on the verge of tears, the humans walk out silently and don't talk to any of the Bots as they head back to their homes.

Now this could go several ways:

1. Human pride has been insulted and a challenge has been issued. Human governments across the globe clean up their acts and humanity is slowly, but surely repaired, without the help of the Autobots in anyway. Humans even begin to repel Decepticon attacks by themselves.

2. Human pride has been insulted. The governments will not take this action lying down.

3. One of the humans who overhear the anti-human Autobot says, "At least we haven't started a war that's destroyed our entire planet and gone to another so we can keep killing everything there."

Morality/Social Justice class has been making me ponder about the state of the human race. While it has improved significantly over the several million years since humanity evolved, a lot of new challenges have come to light along with a lot of new injustices. Sort of makes me wonder if the human race is even worth saving...

Adopt one today!
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Observations and a Bunny!


I am very interested in contrasting humans to transformers in various ways and finding the small similarities. So I tend to think about things in more of a real world sense I suppose. I’ve read fanfics that address the subject of music in relation to Cybertron and something always bugged me about it....

In which Lindsay examins Cybertronian music!  )


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 A lot of the quotes in this one, I found on a website for funny lists...

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It's been a long time since I posted anything here.

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Well, hello everybody. Apart from my small post a few weeks ago, I've been awful quiet here at the farm. One of the Bunnies kidnapped me and tortured me. But I escaped! Sadly I had to kill the bunny in the process. :( It has a nice unmarked grave to rest in and should any Transformers ever find it and dig it up, well woe betide them. So Under the cut are the still hopping ones.

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It's been a tad quiet for a few days so I'm injecting some more Bunnies.
A small list from me just with big fat bunnies.

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