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New to LJ and posting fics.

I've been prowlin' the archive of the TF plot bunny farm with a wagon and picked up a few. I'll link back when I start the fic but trying to find the bunny in the maze of bunnies and commenting on when I update is kind of hard. I think I'll just post a list of them on my LJ account and update there when I post a new chapter. I normally update them daily.

I've brought my own baby bunnies )

Two bunnies

Mar. 3rd, 2014 07:40 pm
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Please let me know if this is the wrong community and/or bunny needs more or less description. Or anything else that needs improvement.

Story idea #1. Mail Order Mate )

Story idea #2. Orphan Train with Mail Order Mate )

7 Bunnies

Apr. 27th, 2012 09:11 pm
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So I started watching Transformers G1 again from the very first episode and began pondering Transformers in general... the bunnies decided then was a perfect time to assault me.


XD No really, yay. I was greatly amused by my own thoughts.

7 Bunnies )
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 So.. somehow.. while writing an angst Sam turned 'Bot idea.... the twins *sigh* the twins attached themselves to Sam in a sexual sense..
Primus help me.
The twins from Transformers G1 attached somehow became attracted to Sam and thus this wonderful threesome plot bunny was formed.
Anyway... because I have no time at all to write this fic I'm posting it here and hoping it will be adopted.....
I am going to post what I have written and if you have questions you need to ask them with in the next five days of this post because I am leaving the country.
Sam X G1 Twins
Warning! This is kinda meant to be a hurt/comfort/smex kinda thing... and if I had the time I would write it.

Kinda M-Rated... there are implications toward the end... JUST TAKE IT! )
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I have a one big (or a few if you split it) bunny for you today...
Read more... )
I don't know if that ramble makes much sense, but if I try to work it out any more I will end up writing it myself and I already have too many things I am working on.... ><;
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I originally posted the following bunnies on [livejournal.com profile] redxinferno, but I thought that maybe here they'd have a wider audience. All would take place in the Shattered Glass universe.
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Another themed bunny set. I'm on a roll.
Some of these are a little dark.

Love is wicked )
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Hi everyone!  I finally decided to post some bunnies that have been percolating in my mind for a while now. This one has been stewing in my head since the end of Season 2 of Transformers: Animated.  Be warned, there are some spoilers and maybe some mature content in this one.

My Very First Bunny, I'm SOOOOO *Excited!!!* )
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So named because I don't know what the hell was going through my mind to spawn them.

They may be rabid, so handle with care. )

Honestly, y'all, I don't know where they came from. All I wanna do is write the next part of this sparkling story ¬_¬
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I swear, since I started using "At Any Price" for my NaNo project, the bunnies are coming out of the fragging woodworks of my mind. And of course they're all things that won't fit into the fic 'verse as it's already formed >_<

Hopefully, one of y'all can give 'em good homes.

2007-verse, and the first two directly contradict each other. Hooray. )
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Just three this time )
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This is my first time posting, so bear with me. I've been mob lately with the bunnies, often of epic proportions, but due to work and just a general lack of willpower, I'll likely not be able to do anything with them myself.


...a bunny list /without/ Perceptor?! )

And they're all free to good homes!


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