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Hi, I come with just a few bunnies, hope someone adopts them. Plus one I came up with that I actually did myself, but would be interested in seeing someone else's take if it bites them...

1)2007 Movieverse - Mikaela finds herself alone when Decepticons attack, and ends up coming close to death. It seems, however, that her contact with the AllSpark left her with enough residual energy to turn her into a Cybertronian, but with few or none of her memories as a human. The Decepticons take full advantage, and recruit her into their group.
Of course, at some points she ends up fighting against the Autobots.
-Would love the Autobots to somehow work it out.
-Does she find out/work it out/get told/end up finding repressed memories and finding out?

2)2007 Movieverse - When Prowl lands on Earth, he loses the co-ordinates of the Autobot Base, but recalls those of Sam's house. He scans a Police car alt, and decides To go to the boy in hopes that Sam can help him rejoin his companions. Not realising that the last time Sam saw a Police car, it had a seriously bad attitude.
- Bonus points if a) Prowl scans the exact same car Barricade did, or
- Unknowingly scans Barrucade himself in alt.
- Bonus points if Sam screams like a girl when he spots Prowl

3) Any continuity - Starscream suddenly goes into heat while out on a flight. This makes him do one of two things when he sees other Cybertroniand, He tries to 1) interface with them till they are exhausted, or 2) attack them if he perceives them as a threat. The Autobots capture him and confine him to a room /tie him down to a berth for his own safety. Ratchet finds out that in heat, a Seeker's sex drive is insanely high, and interface is needed to stop the Seeker going mad/dying. So most of the Autobots end up performing this duty.
Bonus points if:
a) the ENTIRE Autobot forces in the Ark/Base/wherever are needed.
b Starscream wears them ALL out. (Yes,including Prime/Aerialbots)
c) Skywarp and/or Thundercracker have to rescue the Autobits and the situation by taking him on themselves.

4)This is the one I've done, but am throwing open for others.
G1: when Alpha Trion rebuilt Otion Pax into Optimus Prime, he wasn't the only participant. The other damaged mechs were added as the Command Deck and Roller, with Orion. Optimus Prime is a gestalt personality of the three, or at least he was. As Optimus was the first gestalt, when things started going wrong, his gestalt mind had been on the longest, and when Alpha Trion found out, he found the three separate minds had become irreversibly subsumed by the Optimus mind. So yeah, that's what I did, the whole "Optimus Prime is a (failed/too successful)gestalt, and this is why" (was inspired by KDZeal's "Part Of None" on fanfiction.net)

So - Do any of the Autobots know this?
-Do they find out?
-Do the Decepticons find out?

So, there they are, adopt away.
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Ok, so I was watching the Fifth Element the other night and got a mad urge to see a Transformers take on the temple scene at the end. But unfortunately, I can't write TF worth a damn so..... I hope this gets adopted! :D

So we have Optimus in Korbin(Bruce W)'s place and Roddy in Leeloo(Milla J)'s. Roddy is the 'Chosen One' of a prophecy but they discover later that he can't do it on his own, he needs Prime's help to fulfill it. He's just getting weaker the longer he's at it on his own, and, like Leeloo, he's all tired and listless by the end. The key to fulfilling the prophecy? Love. It works because the two have been dancing around each other but it takes this to make them (or Optimus at least) admit it. Up to anon as to what he needs to stop... (Unicron?)

Can be done with them as normal or maybe with holoforms or as human!formers. Bayverse is even usable too if only to include the human characters from there. :)
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I want to see a fic where instead of, or in addition to depending on timeline and personal preference, Optimus or Rodimus becoming Prime, a different character does. I want to read what kind of Prime a character like Red Alert, Fulcrum, Soundwave, Swindle, Cliffjumper, Skywarp, or Waspinator would be! Imagine the chaos!

This prompt can either be filled in a crackish manner, or in a more serious manner (such as writing about the societal changes and/or changes in relationship or psyche of a character.)
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A quick little bunny. You know the transmetal bots that showed up in Beast Wars. I'd like to see transmetal bots pop up in other series. How would it happen? How would the altered bots react? Would it change the course of the war?
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I am doing all sorts of things to celebrate! So here are some bunnies.

Apparently I'm fond of the Dinobots. )

The tropes... )

4. From a typo I found on fanfiction.net: Mutilation tables.
It sounds like something an interrogator or torturer would learn.

Marvel knows what they're doing. )

This is the most addictive webcomic in the world. )
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I don't recall reading any bunny like this before, and it would be really complicated, but the potential is outstanding.

It goes something like this.

It blows my mind, and I came up with it! )
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Here are some Dinobot bunnies.

No spoilers here. )
Might be a spoiler here. )

That's all for now!
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Really, it is. )
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My mind wandered to all sorts of places when there's no internet connection. Here's some of the bunnies it ended up breeding.

Different time and place )

4. This could explain a few things about Starscream )

5. I got this from misreading a post from 2008. Can't remember which one exactly, but this is what I thought it said the first time I read the bunny: Galvatron is not responsible for people falling in love. Make of that what you will.

6. More Dinobots )

7. Prime: Meet June, Jack, Miko, and Raf…The Autobots’ pet cat and her kittens. Yeah, Bumblebee found her and brought her home. Ratchet said he couldn’t keep her but then she had her kittens. Tiny they may be, but the Autobots still love them.

8. Sari is not alone )

I noticed there's not tag for techno-organics, along with a few characters from Prime. Should those be added?
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I just found out about the North Pacific Garbage Patch. It has some shocking ecological consequences. And it sounds like there are other garbage patches in other oceans.

That is scary.

So my bunny is what would the Cybertronians, especially those interested in nature, think when they found out about this phenomenon?
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I stumbled across this community a few days ago and really wanted to post my own bunnies and comments...which led to me actually joining livejournal. I feel as though this is the sort of thing that would have my very extroverted brother shaking his head in shame.
So...I've got plenty of ideas. Some I want to do myself, others I feel I wouldn't be able to do justice to or wouldn't have enough time once I finally get a job, so I thought I'd share them with others.

Keyblader Orion )

Minicon confusion )

Danny Phantom crossover )

4. Any continuity, but G1 seems most likely: For some reason, I always equate Moonracer with Sailor Moon. I don't know why. Moonracer's tfwiki profile probably doesn't help. Anyway, I'd like to see someone write a story where Moonracer and Usagi Tsukino are the same person.

5. Any continuity, but probably IDW: Back when Shockwave had emotions, he fell in love and got bonded to a bot he considered the love of his life. Then he got put through shadowplay and lost the ability to feel emotions.

Now his bonded has to deal with the consequences.

a. Bonded can be either Autobot or Decepticon. I think either would be plausible.

6. Prime: A human can see ghosts, always has. He/She has gotten used to it. However, he/she can also see into the Shadowzone.

Soundwave has taken to stalking the poor human.

Sparkling Cuteness )

Quintessons come to Earth )

The bots visit Jusenkyou and get cursed. )

I never saw Cybertron, but this sounds different from the premise. )

Static Shock )

So these are my bunnies. I might still use them one day, but not for a long time. Or I'll never publish whatever I end up with. I hope I did this posting correctly...
Edit: Added cuts as suggested by niyazi_a...I just realized I have no idea how to do links on this...Oh well...
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[One little bunny from my pal Doomstalker].
G1. PG-13 or higher. Motomaster/Silverbolt. Every Aerialbot was created by Vector Sigma to counteract a certain Stunticon, accordingly. The problem is, they're too similar, alike, and complementary... to really hate each other.

[an AU plot-bunny from Deska]
What if there are places in universe where 'Cons and 'Bots can be at peace and their struggle is no more? Not a one-sided victory, not an armistice, but all-Cybertronian peace when all stand united as one people, in fusion and unison, one race once again.
This opens possibilities for many plot twists.
cut for length )

[And my own "teeny-weeny" bunny. :D]
standard-type Cybertronians and not-so-diversity of human appearance )
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I don't know enough canon history in any TF continuity to pull this off, but I would love to see a bot who remembers the first TF ventures into space fanbotting all over a human astronaut or cosmonaut. Because TFs don't have to worry about anoxia, hard landings (much), radiation, etc., etc., but humans do, and we have walked on another planet anyway. I picture this bot/femme/Seeker/whatever burbling geekily about how humans set up this process that has like two dozen points at which if anything went wrong they'd be dead, and then they just strap themselves in and go, and people have died and they kept on going, and Earth should be called the Wheeljack Planet, seriously, this species is brilliantly insane, etc. Bonus points if you can work in the lyrics to "Phoenix," "Hope Eyrie," or another space filk.
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Oh joy, Transformer Plot ideas and snippits I can’t work into a story/ficlet at this time.  I want to see them, but keeping them straight (and giving them the attention they deserve) is not possible right now.

WARNING! .... The technical background gets a bit wordy ... )

Well, now that I got these off my chest, maybe I can actually work on the stories that are bouncing around in the attic.  If any of the bunnies attack you, so sorry, but I would like to see the results.
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This may qualify as more of a prompt then a bunny, Im not sure. But in anycase i would love to see a story based off the song listed below. Of course as im into Jazz and Prowl right now i would really like to see it done for them. Buuut any pairing would do.

The Race is On - Sawyer Brown

I feel tears wellin' up cold deep inside
like my heart's sprung a big break
and a stab of loneliness sharp and painful
that I may never shake

You might say that I was taking it hard
since you wrote me off with a call
But don't you wager that I'll hide in sorrow
when I may lay right down and bawl


Now the race is on
and here comes pride in the backstretch
Heartaches goin' to the inside
My tears are holdin' back
They're tryin' not to fall
My heart's out of the runnin'
True love's scratched for another's sake
The race is on and it looks like heartaches
and the winner loses all

One day I ventured in love
never once suspectin' what the final result would be
and how I lived in fear of waking up each morning
finding that you're gone from me
There's ache and pain in my heart
for today was the one that I hated to face
Somebody new came up the winner
and I came out in second place


Now the race is on
and here comes pride in the backstretch
Heartaches goin' to the inside
My tears are holdin' back
They're tryin' not to fall
My heart's out of the runnin'
True love's scratched for another's sake
The race is on and it looks like heartaches
and the winner loses all
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Inspired by a co-worker's desk inhabitants:

Starscream, Wheeljack, and a xenomorph (alien).

Any continuity, though Screamer-toy is a Dorito Bayverse.
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So, I was thinking about what it's like to be a city (as you do), and I started wondering if city-formers like Metroplex have opinions on the kind of people that live in them. Do they ever, like, passive-aggressively hint that their parks are kind of empty, and isn't it a shame that no one's having sparklings these days? Do they complain about hipsters? Are some of them racist? Do they ever get into rivalries with other cities?

And I think it would take a really unusual personality to be happy as a college town. Full and bustling three quarters of the year, but empty and sleepy in the summer.

So, yeah. It's an interesting idea, but damned if I know what to do with it. I offer it up to you.
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After seeing these:
http://shy-light.deviantart.com/art/sirens-70171134 http://peanutchan.deviantart.com/art/Awkward-Sex-Meme-Transformers-251872461
(second link NSFW)
I have wondered what would happen if other Cybertronians with specialized pieces of alt-mode equipment (such as sirens on emergency vehicles and anti-collison lights on flyers) had to deal with them activating involuntairly in response to stimiuli such as surprise or sexual pleasure.

I think I've said enough.


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