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Ok, so I was watching the Fifth Element the other night and got a mad urge to see a Transformers take on the temple scene at the end. But unfortunately, I can't write TF worth a damn so..... I hope this gets adopted! :D

So we have Optimus in Korbin(Bruce W)'s place and Roddy in Leeloo(Milla J)'s. Roddy is the 'Chosen One' of a prophecy but they discover later that he can't do it on his own, he needs Prime's help to fulfill it. He's just getting weaker the longer he's at it on his own, and, like Leeloo, he's all tired and listless by the end. The key to fulfilling the prophecy? Love. It works because the two have been dancing around each other but it takes this to make them (or Optimus at least) admit it. Up to anon as to what he needs to stop... (Unicron?)

Can be done with them as normal or maybe with holoforms or as human!formers. Bayverse is even usable too if only to include the human characters from there. :)
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My secret favorite characters of all time are Kup and Hot Rod - I fell in love with them instantly after watching the movie... And now I have this crazy idea, after reading that Rodimus Prime has quite the confidence issues,  but I'm unable to write it myself... Because it's dark, should be romance and angst and... Oh, see for yourself! ^-^

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 When I first discovered this community a few weeks ago, I started writing down the bunnies as they came to me. I quickly became worried at how fast they multiplied. So I'm handing some of them off to you guys :)

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Just cleaning out some of the brain space.

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Tired of first-timers yet?? Well too bad, because I've finally decided to post my ideas that I've been dying to write myself, but just can't get the bunnies to work for me!! That and I don't know enough about particular characters to write them very well. Anyway, most of these bunnies are romantic comedies, because I've been craving it!

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And so there are my bunnies!!
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I've got a couple of bunnies centred on the four demands the initial Decepticon rebellion made in my head - before Megatron began letting his megalomania show.

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