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Both of these are what ifs / AUs.

1) G1 - What if Skyfire never crashed?  What does he decide when the war starts?  Does he go with Starscream to the Decepticons, and if so, what happens now that they are together (for example, does Skyfire try to protect Starscream from Megatron?).

2) TFA - What if Longarm Prime became a separate, distinct personality from Shockwave?  A duo personality where one is evil and the other is not.
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'Lo everyone, I'm Wizzere and I'm, obviously, new here. I hope I did all the tags and such right, I really don't have any clue on how to do this -those stupid cuts confused me more than it should have- .Anyway, this has been bugging me, so here:

Optics aren't just for vision. )
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Ah, hello! I am a complete and total newbie to Live Journal but after stalking this parade of bunnies I thought I should share some of mine since I would love to see these written and I should contribute to a place I stalk regularly. So... yeah...

1. (Any Verse) Transformers Dark Woods Circus: For those unfamiliar with Dark Woods Circus--> www.youtube.com/watch
I imagine it as Megatron as the Ring Leader and Decepticon and Autobot slaves as his performers. You could include as many performers as you want, I just wanted a creepy circus run by Megatron. XD

2. (Any Verse) Triple Changers (Like Blitzwing) are born with not three, but four sparks. 3 are violent traits and one is a good trait. Three sparks fight for dominance and the fourth dies. The bad traits usually win as they have better powers.
--A. When triple changers fight and get shot at only the dominant personality at the time dies. The other two grow stronger but are in a state heavy grieving.
--B. (Animated specific) Blitzwing's Icy personality is killed. The Autobots, feeling guilty, say they could revive Icy but they might end up bringing back Benevolent, the good trait. HotHead and Random are willing to take the risk.

3. (Any) What if all bots have the same Autobot programming and every Decepticon is just glitched?

4. (Animated) Blurr managed to get to Ultra Magnus and inform him that Longarm Prime is Shockwave. Problem is, they didn't believe him...

5. Prowl the Decepticon spy who is actually working for the Autobots! (Double double agent?) (Ah if this is confusing I mean that Prowl is pretending to work for the Autobots and then pretends to be working for the Decepticons and has actually been an Autobot this whole time...)

6. (Animated) Shattered Glass! BlurrxShockwave :3

Now I was on a movie quote generator where you type in a word that gets replaced with a word in the quote. (The next five are like this)

7. "Wait a minute, Doc. Are you telling me you built a time machine... out of a Decepticon?" (Real Word: DeLorean From: Back to the Future)

8. "Remember who you are. You are my son and the one true Decepticon. Remember..." (Real Word: King From: The Lion King)

9. "This is the day you shall always remember as the day that you almost caught Blurr." (Real Words: Captain Jack Sparrow From: POTC)

10. "Logic clearly dictates that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the Seekers." (Real Word: few From: Star Trek)

11. "First rule of Primus Club is - you do not talk about Primus Club." (Real Word: fight From: Fight Club)
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Someone posted a prompt by this theme on the tfanonkink community, and I thought he idea was interesting enough to share here. (Hope the anon doesn't mind.)
Every person has their daemons... )
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This is my first time doing this, so I hope I can get it right. Have a crazy list of TF:A bunnies. I may do some of these myself, but I want to see what other people do. 



Beware the bunnies of DOOM )



Please take these! I have too many to write, and I need to work on my original stuff!

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Despite having disapeared off the face of the internet, all I have to bring you is this. Sadly, without all that free-time I had whilst working I haven't had near the same flow of inspiration. I've also been rather busy. I do apologize, but that's just how it's been.

The worst part is, 7 out of 10 I came up with before I moved )


Mar. 18th, 2010 04:44 pm
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1) Movieverse, post ROTF: Sam thought the only thing the All Spark gave him was knowledge, but while visiting a museum/amusement park, he accidentally brings a giant mechanical t-rex to life... (Other Dinobots optional)

2) Animated: Jetstorm's optics turned red when he was upgraded with Decepticon technology. He is embarrassed and ashamed of this which is why he always wears a visor. The only other bots who know about this are Jetfire, Perceptor, and Wheeljack.

3) Animated: Jetstorm and Jetfire were normal Autobots before they were upgraded with the ability to fly. What were their names then? Their names were Sideswipe and Sunstreaker.

4) Animated: (Post series, assume that the Decepticons have escaped) Shockwave feels that he made a mistake in offlining his favorite Autobot. When Swindle (or Lockdown if you prefer) offers to sell the Decepticons a mysterious blue cube that he found in the Autobot's garbage, Shockwave is eager to buy it, thinking he can manipulate Blurr into joining the Decepticons. The rebuilt Blurr is confused and disoriented, having lost many of his memories. But he does remember his superior Longarm Prime, who he admires and trusts very much... (Please don't make this into one of the stories that make it seem as though the Autobots are evil, I've read a few Shockwave/Blurr stories like that and it annoyed me.)
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I've been lurking for about, what? Three months? Four? I guess it was enough for me to get a Livejournal. Maybe (hopefully) this will help my motivation as of late.

As for the bunnies themselves, I had no idea how badly they could swarm until, well, they started swarming. My first list, and I've already got a whole 25 bunnies for you.

I like 25 actually. Nice round number. I'll probably use that as a post-mark.

Please take some of these. As much as I love some of these, I'm an artist, not a writer! :( )
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*sidles in nervously*

Uhh, Hi there, everyone. After lurking for a while I've finally decided to join the fun and throw a few more bunnies into the pool. I hope no one minds. So, umm, here I two moderately big bunnies, a few small ones, and a couple'a pairing bunnies (not from the random pairing generator) I'm contributing.

...Alright then, here we go...

1. An interesting thought came to mind while I was watching Lilo and Stitch with my small group of siblings. A plot bunny-ish thought that joins Transformers and Lilo and Stitch together in a user friendly package... A "user friendly" package I'd like to call/label a TF/L&S crossover...

Yes, right now you can immediately tell this is a very much a stupid idea on my part (Of which I am aware.), but if ya think about it quickly you can almost hardly notice the glaring flaws, no? I mean, basically, you have a pretty solid basis here, right? Aliens, and genetic experiments alike already exist in the Lilo & Stitch verse so I figured Cybertronians being somewhere out there wouldn't be that big a leap. At least in my thinking. *shrugs* (I can also use the argument that Pleakly only goes down to the C-E section of his "Intergalactic Periwinkle Pages" so who's to say Cybertron wasn't just further down the line? See? Can't be proven. Can't be disproven. ;) )

Anyway, I figure this stupidity could work for just about any TFs continuity, but at this particular point in time I'm thinking TF:A would be the best suited. Not sure why. I can just see Lilo, and Sari hitting it off in some way. Their "inconspicuous" families? Not so much. >>; (Would make for some fun scenarios though, no?)
Plus, if one is willing to go all out there's also the gem that is the last few minutes of Predacon's Rising... With a little bit of AU poking, and prodding Wasp could easily end up exploding, and transwarping to Hawaii... (I'm sure Lilo, and with the right motivation, Stitch, would find where he'd best belong.)

Yes, random bunny is random. Try not to think too hard about it.

2. There've been a few fics of a dying bot being saved by another through spark-merging. What if, despite someone attempting to save him, the dying 'Bots spark still fades, but instead of joining the Matrix it merges completely with his helper's? Basically two minds/(souls?) in one body. At first, neither 'Bots are aware of what happened leaving the attempted rescuer (and his faction) thinking the other is dead. Meanwhile, the "dead" 'Bot's spark is almost completely dormant in the other's chamber while he tries recovers. However, after several days of inactivity the "dead" 'Bot's spark starts to communicate (through the spark bond) to his rescuer causing the other to hear his voice/feel his emotions. Needless to say, this turn of events confuses not only the 'Bot being spoken to, but his comrades who keep seeing him attempting to answer the unheard (by them) voice.

Now for the little ones...

3. Jazz/Bluestreak with their sparkling Prowl -- Almost all of the Autobots (With the exception of Ratchet and Optimus himself) are unaware that Prowl is Blue and Jazz's youngling.

4. (Post-TF: Armada) Blurr/Side Swipe -- Blurr decides the leave the Autobots and go off on his own. After finding out about Blurr's decision Side Swipe follows.

5. (Pre-earth) Hotshot/Wheeljack -- From friendship to romance

6. (Pre-TF: Energon) Hotshot/Wheeljack -- To my knowledge Wheeljack was not in TF:Energon. So I'm imagining he and Hot Shot having a moment before he leaves.

7. (TF:G1) Jazz/Bluestreak/Prowl -- For some reason I always picture Jazz with having a Datsun on each arm. That said, I'm thinking either art or fic would be good for this one.

...And now the pairings (Again, not from the pairing generator)...

8. Mirage/Cliffjumper --

Cliffjumper: "You coastal elite snobs think you can have whoever you want, don't you?"

9. Thundercracker/Bluestreak --
Bluestreak: "How could you? You told me we had forever and then you went and joined the enemy..."

10. Hound/Mirage/Cliffjumper

11. Skyfire/Aerialbots --
Skyfire: "I won't lie, they make me feel welcome. So far they're the only ones that have."

12. (TF: Animated) Sentinal Prime/Jet Twins --
<i>Sentinal Prime: "If it weren't for them I'd be alone in this."
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A fine Bah weep grah nah weep ni ni bong to you all. I'm a long time lurker but first time poster. Enjoy!

30 bunnies )
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1) Strange sightings of transparent giants make Detroit panic in the night of Halloween. Upon investigating, the Autobots see a shadow running around who leaves blue blurrs behind, whispering so fast you can't understand and meet a figure which the humans call "a clawed demon with wings and red-glowing eyes". And then there's the last apparition, a warrior with kind blue optics and a sad smile etched on his face for his friends...

2) Space barnacles have mutated and affect now also humans.

3) Lockdown is back on Earth - and he has set his optics on four special bots: Jazz (fellow ninjabot of Prowl), Ratchet (gave him one of his biggest defeats and is also an escaped prey), Arcee (same as with Ratchet) and Optimus (same as the two before, with new bounty on his head).

4) Prowl is alive again. Unlike Optimus, however, it was a torturous process, making him almost unable to deal with the fact he is alive.
a) Unicorn wanted to devour his spark and Optimus, unwilling to let his friend vanish into complete nonexistence, pulled him back with his own spark.
b) And died instead.

I wonder that I'm the first one for Halloween prompts.
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1. Any verse. Megatron and Prime have a drinking contest. The winner is the winner of the war.
2.Ani: Lockdown finds Blurr's cube. Whichever sides pays the most gets it.
3.G1. Ravage and Steeljaw lose their memories and switch places.
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This, sadly, happens to me all the time.

Anyways, here are some mostly animated bunnies. But first, here's a little thing I wrote with the Jettwins. More of a meme than a fic; I'm just trying to get used to animated before writing actual fics in it. Let me know what you think.

Now, bunnies!

Read more... )
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Let's do the Transwarp again
Let's do the Transwarp again

Some spoiler bunnies for who hasn't seen "Transwarped" yet! Mostly Animated...
With some Beast Wars thrown in! )

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I'm so swamped with school, this is seriously all I've come up with lately. 5, 6, and 10 are my faves:

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