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The hatch failed.  The bunnies did not stay in their nice, snug little cages.
Oh no, they had to chew through the wood and cuddle up.  And then, they had the nerve to squeeze through the corners, where the wood and wire didn't fully mesh up.

I don't think I've stepped on any.  But, I need to get rid of them before I do hurt one of the little guys!

See what's been bitting me )
Please, take one?  They are cute and cuddly - just ignore the sharp incisors.
I do.
Trying to escape from the one's I've picked up on my last visit, but I think they've got me cornered.
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[One little bunny from my pal Doomstalker].
G1. PG-13 or higher. Motomaster/Silverbolt. Every Aerialbot was created by Vector Sigma to counteract a certain Stunticon, accordingly. The problem is, they're too similar, alike, and complementary... to really hate each other.

[an AU plot-bunny from Deska]
What if there are places in universe where 'Cons and 'Bots can be at peace and their struggle is no more? Not a one-sided victory, not an armistice, but all-Cybertronian peace when all stand united as one people, in fusion and unison, one race once again.
This opens possibilities for many plot twists.
cut for length )

[And my own "teeny-weeny" bunny. :D]
standard-type Cybertronians and not-so-diversity of human appearance )
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I.              Dr. Arkville is a Conspiracy Theorist!  He knows there are alien life forms out there, trying to take over the world, and here is one to prove it!  To bad no one believes him – not even after he subjugates a good amount of men into mind-controlled slaves, and helps bring Cybertron in a near-stable orbit within viewing distance of earth.


... Oh bother, I wonder what meds I'm on .... can't think of anything witty ... )
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Oh joy, Transformer Plot ideas and snippits I can’t work into a story/ficlet at this time.  I want to see them, but keeping them straight (and giving them the attention they deserve) is not possible right now.

WARNING! .... The technical background gets a bit wordy ... )

Well, now that I got these off my chest, maybe I can actually work on the stories that are bouncing around in the attic.  If any of the bunnies attack you, so sorry, but I would like to see the results.


Apr. 3rd, 2012 12:43 am
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Had this idea while bandaging my leg after a nasty scrape :D

Ratchet has had it with Sideswipe slagging himself up and ending up in the med bay, either for minor injuries or serious ones.  So, Ratchet bets that Sideswipe won’t last a week without injuring himself. Everyone agrees (Sideswipe included). Fortunately (or rather, un- fortunately) Jazz is in the med bay at that particular moment. He overhears that and bets against everyone that, yes, Sideswipe will survive a week without hurting himself. And the bet is on! (Even is Prowl seriously doubts it)

Jazz knows it’s impossible for Sideswipe not to slag himself up. SO,  Jazz is secretly helping him (even from Sideswipe himself secret). Jazz  ‘protects’ Sideswipe. He is Spec. Ops, it shouldn’t be that hard to make sure Sideswipe doesn’t hurt himself.

Oh, how wrong he is.

Main idea: Every time Jazz saves Sideswipe, Jazz gets injured in his place. A lot of comedy (and impromptu medical assistance from Prowl) ensured! Oh, and Prowl acting as a nurse  and the sane part of the saboteur's CPU to Jazz after every time he slags himself up since he can’t visit Ratchet and admit he cheated.

It’s supposed to be crack. Author can decide if it will contain slash or not. No preferences from me. Author can decide how it should end.

Goal: HAVE FUN! ^_^

*winces for Jazz*

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'Lo everyone, I'm Wizzere and I'm, obviously, new here. I hope I did all the tags and such right, I really don't have any clue on how to do this -those stupid cuts confused me more than it should have- .Anyway, this has been bugging me, so here:

Optics aren't just for vision. )
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Ah, hello! I am a complete and total newbie to Live Journal but after stalking this parade of bunnies I thought I should share some of mine since I would love to see these written and I should contribute to a place I stalk regularly. So... yeah...

1. (Any Verse) Transformers Dark Woods Circus: For those unfamiliar with Dark Woods Circus--> www.youtube.com/watch
I imagine it as Megatron as the Ring Leader and Decepticon and Autobot slaves as his performers. You could include as many performers as you want, I just wanted a creepy circus run by Megatron. XD

2. (Any Verse) Triple Changers (Like Blitzwing) are born with not three, but four sparks. 3 are violent traits and one is a good trait. Three sparks fight for dominance and the fourth dies. The bad traits usually win as they have better powers.
--A. When triple changers fight and get shot at only the dominant personality at the time dies. The other two grow stronger but are in a state heavy grieving.
--B. (Animated specific) Blitzwing's Icy personality is killed. The Autobots, feeling guilty, say they could revive Icy but they might end up bringing back Benevolent, the good trait. HotHead and Random are willing to take the risk.

3. (Any) What if all bots have the same Autobot programming and every Decepticon is just glitched?

4. (Animated) Blurr managed to get to Ultra Magnus and inform him that Longarm Prime is Shockwave. Problem is, they didn't believe him...

5. Prowl the Decepticon spy who is actually working for the Autobots! (Double double agent?) (Ah if this is confusing I mean that Prowl is pretending to work for the Autobots and then pretends to be working for the Decepticons and has actually been an Autobot this whole time...)

6. (Animated) Shattered Glass! BlurrxShockwave :3

Now I was on a movie quote generator where you type in a word that gets replaced with a word in the quote. (The next five are like this)

7. "Wait a minute, Doc. Are you telling me you built a time machine... out of a Decepticon?" (Real Word: DeLorean From: Back to the Future)

8. "Remember who you are. You are my son and the one true Decepticon. Remember..." (Real Word: King From: The Lion King)

9. "This is the day you shall always remember as the day that you almost caught Blurr." (Real Words: Captain Jack Sparrow From: POTC)

10. "Logic clearly dictates that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the Seekers." (Real Word: few From: Star Trek)

11. "First rule of Primus Club is - you do not talk about Primus Club." (Real Word: fight From: Fight Club)
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 I was musing about Soundwave's ability and here's what came to mind. Basically, when reading someone's mind, Soundwave develops their glitches/quirks (temporary or not).

1. He reads Prowl: Crashes when illogical situations are presented.
2. He reads Red Alert: PARANOIA!
3. He reads Scavenger ('cuz my musing started there): Suddenly wants to collects/hoard stuff (cassettes?).

Another bunny: The Autobots learn of this weakness. And the autobots have well adapted but unknown glitched mech in their ranks. So they send them to be read by Soundwave to screw with his mind. The unknown glitched autobot knows how to deal with his problem, but Soundwave doesn't and is taken by surprise. 
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De-lurking with one kind of large bunny.
Read more... )
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SPOILER WARNING for the new TF Movie...

Two bunnies, the first dealing with Red Alert:

1) In Ghost Hunting there's something called a 'Fear Cage'. In humans it's caused by hyper sensativity to electromagnetic fields and causes paranoia, fear and restlessness.

This is the real reason for Red Alert's 'Glitch' - he's hyper sensative to electromagnetic fileds and as he's a transformer and these fields are EVERYWHERE, he can't hide from them. Just as pollution screws up a human's lungs, the electromagnetic noise is literally making Red nuts. The only time RA acts fine is when he's out in nature and away from human settlements. This is how Ratchet discovers the true reasons behind Red Alert's weird actions.


a) So Ratchet makes some 'ear plugs' and RA feels better. However, it's clear everyone is miserable because Red is even more anal than usual, challenging even Prowl's patience.

b) The 'ear plugs' block out too much and Red misses all the warnings to several Decepticon attacks

c) The twins discover his paranoia and do everything in their power to make red's life even more of a hell

d) The Decepticons discover about red's true weakness and possibly leads to 'b'.


I've already seen ROTF or I really don't care about spoliers - PB #2 )


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