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So I recently read Nan00k's work on ao3 called Fallout (clicky click... http://archiveofourown.org/series/11665) and I had a thought.
The thought was: "y'know, seeing as Thundercracker's a Seeker, I bet he's got a thing for wings. Or better yet... Doorwings! And who's a mech we all know and love who's got doorwings?? PROWL."
And now this whole TC/Prowl crack ship I piggy-backed off of Nan00k woN'T LEAVE ME ALONE. HELP.
Somebody just... please make it a thing. For the love of God, so I can get it outta my head.
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pre-war. various transformers as the leverage team! would prowl be nathan ford or jim sterling, i wonder.
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So, I'm rewatching Megamind, and after he gets out of prison for the first time, he's swarmed by his brainbots, and then he throws a wrench, and they chase it...

Wrench + throwing = Ratchet.

Not to mention I've wanted a Transformers/Megamind movie for some time, now. :)

Someone please take the bunny off my hands! I have absolutely no time to write these days, and I'd really like to see it...
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My grandparents have an old computer that they're giving my brother. Anyways, I saw it at their house the other day, and it spawned a little idea;

Meet Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Tower, and Speaker. The Compubots, a little mini gestalt. Their combined form is PC.

How they came to be, I don't really care. My first thought was Sam the AllSpark came home one day and zapped his computer, but whatever you want! I just think a few household bots would be cool.

There's also the Amuseobots; X-bot, Wii, DVD, VHS, and TV.

(I might write some form of this sometime in the far future, but if it happens, it will definitely be a long time in coming, and the Compubots were driving me crazy, so... here they are. Please, take them off my hands!)

Another one that just came out of nowhere - I had just posted this, so, this is an edit. Now two bunnies. :D

Anyways... An Autobot discovers the Amish culture. Perhaps forcefully -- they crash land in the middle of an Amish community, or something of the like -- or voluntarily, where they read about it somewhere, or somehow learn of it, and decide to visit. Now, we cue lots of confusion -- the Autobots are technology. They run on (sort of) electricity, they use processors, they're machines. yet they're also people. How do the humans react?
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Prowl actually has social skills that are not hindered by pesky logic. Unfortunately due to a mistake in his processor when he was created, he can only use them if his battle computer and tactical programming are turned off. Of course the entire time Prowl worked for Sentinel and Optimus his position as tactician required he never turn off that programming... but now the war is over and Prowl has retired to some normal working-class job that does not require him to use his mad skills, so he's turned them off and embraced his emotional side again. The only problem is that everyone who knew him before the war is dead. Mass confusion occurs when his old war buddies stop by his place of work to visit. The Arc crew certainly did not know Prowl had a penchant for dirty jokes and black humor... 
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Human formers verse

This has been in the back of my head for a while now, I keep wanting to write it but I just can't seem to do it any justice. 

For whatever reason, the Autobots are human. Maybe Primacron left some ancient and forgotten tech behind and they discovered or someone pissed in Primus Cheerios once too often, the reasoning behind it isn't important.

From learning how clothing works, to zipping themselves up to stepping on things at night and getting sick from eating too much they end up finding out the hard way that being human isn’t easy, even with the help of their human friends.  

Oddly enough whatever has turned them human has had little effect on primitive transformers. Instead of turning them human, it’s shrunken them.

A mech the size of Sky Lynx now the size of a large lion. Despite the blow to his pride he should deal with it pretty well unlike the Autobots who will, understandably, have a rather bad reaction to being stuck in weak fleshy bodies.

cut for length )
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I went to see 'Walking with Dinosaurs - the arena spectacular' last night, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. But of course, robotic dinosaurs made me think of the dinobots.

Picture this: Panicking Sari telling the Autobots that she can't find the All-spark key, even though she left it in her room just for a second.
Now, picture Swoop standing in a storeroom housing life-sized robotic dinosaur puppets... and holding the missing key.

You may gleefully rub your hands at the endless possibilities now.
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A long time ago, in a galaxy far far from Cybertron, there was Starscream. Who managed to crash, and consequently get stuck, on Dagobah for a time. Do not ask me where this came from. Personally I blame exhaustion combined with one too many cups of something. That is seriously the only way to explain the vision of Yoda walloping the giant (in comparison) tri-colored seeker with his walking stick. 'Impatient you are. Calm you must be. Let go of your hatred. Leads to the dark side it does.'

Hey hey, this even explains why 'Screamer is hanging around after he dies. All the force users do it.

Obi-wan frowns in disapproval at the scene before glancing at the spirit of his fellow Jedi. 'What were you thinking?' The Grandmaster's reply, 'Uncertain am I.' Personally I would blame it on Yoda being a bit senile. I mean, he was how many centuries old again when he died?

Do not actually expect anyone to write this. But it would be fun to hear your thoughts on it.

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This came to me when I was thinking about tea and the TF religion. The image was of Primus and Unicron having tea. ...Yeah...

Okay, so let's say that the war is a result of a bet between Unicron and Primus. Primus thought that by being pure of spark (Optimus) that you could win a war, and Unicron thought that a dark, ruthless spark (Megatron) could win a war. So the war is like a competition for them. Each battle is like a checkpoint, with one point going to the victor. Which ever side wins the war is the deity that wins the bet.

And in between battles, Unicron and Primus have Energon tea. X)

I think a good surprise ending would be that the Autobots and Decepticons come to a truce and Unicron and Primus visit each faction leader in their dreams to ask them why they chose a truce.

...Ridiculous, I know, but it's crack. I wish I could write it myself, but RL isn't exactly giving me time to write anything... So feel free to adopt. :)

Also feel free to correct me if I messed up on my tagging.


Apr. 3rd, 2012 12:43 am
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Had this idea while bandaging my leg after a nasty scrape :D

Ratchet has had it with Sideswipe slagging himself up and ending up in the med bay, either for minor injuries or serious ones.  So, Ratchet bets that Sideswipe won’t last a week without injuring himself. Everyone agrees (Sideswipe included). Fortunately (or rather, un- fortunately) Jazz is in the med bay at that particular moment. He overhears that and bets against everyone that, yes, Sideswipe will survive a week without hurting himself. And the bet is on! (Even is Prowl seriously doubts it)

Jazz knows it’s impossible for Sideswipe not to slag himself up. SO,  Jazz is secretly helping him (even from Sideswipe himself secret). Jazz  ‘protects’ Sideswipe. He is Spec. Ops, it shouldn’t be that hard to make sure Sideswipe doesn’t hurt himself.

Oh, how wrong he is.

Main idea: Every time Jazz saves Sideswipe, Jazz gets injured in his place. A lot of comedy (and impromptu medical assistance from Prowl) ensured! Oh, and Prowl acting as a nurse  and the sane part of the saboteur's CPU to Jazz after every time he slags himself up since he can’t visit Ratchet and admit he cheated.

It’s supposed to be crack. Author can decide if it will contain slash or not. No preferences from me. Author can decide how it should end.

Goal: HAVE FUN! ^_^

*winces for Jazz*


Mar. 26th, 2012 10:30 pm
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I've been thinking about this for a while (spoilers if you still haven't seen Dark of the Moon)

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So I was watching this video (below the cut) and thinking, "Hm, legs." As you do. And then it hit me: Seekers!

Seems simple enough. Megatron hits on Starscream one too many times or Shockwave won't stop groping the Rainmakers and BAM! The trine quits in the most spectacular way possible. Because, really, legs. And Seeker-feet look like high heels anyway.

I think it would work as an art or a fic prompt, yes? :)
Video! )
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What strange dreams I have.

DotM Spoilers )
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Ok, this has got to be one of the most random thoughts I have EVER had.

Prompt: Voldemort from Harry Potter somehow ends up in the G1 transformers verse. And by sheer co-incidence, he manages to meet Megatron. And they become....INSTANT FRIENDS! And if you adopt this promt, I'd like you include this line.

Turning to his metal companion, Voldemort lifted his glass of win and toasted him. "To world domination, through Magic, Might, and metal." Megatron swigged his energon with a smile.

I thought of this because, if you think about it, the two characters ware very similar in some respects. It would be awesome if someone wrote it.

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 Okay, so it was on another account, but the sentiment/creepy stalker thing is still there.

This bunny literally hit me while I was driving to Prom last weekend.. and it refused to die. ( i know that you probably know where this is going to go)
But seeing as I have next to NO time (hence this not being added here till a week later), I decided to get the beef of it out so that it could possibly be adopted.
So the bunny entails an 18/19 year old Annabelle Lennox who never bothered to get a date for Senior Prom, and the Autobots, who while fairly well versed in Human culture intricacies,  are still socially awkward at times. My view on this is that the Autobots see Annabelle kinda as their sparking because they helped raise her when the 'Con's became more then a really bad annoyance and Will was forced to bring his family to the base housing at Diego Garcia, but you could have it differently.
Anyway the prom thing could go a few different ways:
1. It could become a huge comical fiasco in that some of the younger soldiers want to take her and they have to win the favor of both Will, who is the head honcho of the base, and the Autobots who are just as protective of her.
2. A few of the Autobots volunteer to take her for 'saftey' reasons. (Could be a total crack pairing between Annabelle and an Autobot *cough*Ironhide*cough* lol :D )
3. The Autobots and the younger soldiers want to take her so it becomes a huge in-base war.

There are other options but they are just variations of the first three and I'm sure that it won't be hard to figure those out :D
~Phew~ I'm glad i got that out.. I mean I already started planning it in my head and I really don't have time, as it is it took an entire day just to get this typed. 
This isn't an uber serious prompt, just something that is kinda funny, sorta kinda serious.. cause it's prom and it would be Annabelle's Senior year in Highschool. So please just have fun with it!!!... PLEASE ADOPT!!!
... really hope I got the tags right
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Playing Sims 2 with some new Transformers skins led me to another bunny. Who would have thought?

G1. The true reason behind Soundwave's unwavering loyalty: naturally, the 3IC is highly sensitive to tone and volume, as his name would suggest. And he's much more sensitive to certain tones than others. For some reason only he can quite fathom, he's extremely attracted to Megatron's voice. Megatron is, naturally, completely aware of this.


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