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So I'm on a HUGE Tracks/Raoul thing; I've got over a dozen stories/art/comic ideas just focusing on these two stewing right now (I'm going to singlehandedly change the pathetically low number of Tracks/Raoul fanworks in the world, I swear).

But clearly that's not enough, as a certain New York punk has been throwing bunnies at me left and right focusing not just on him and his flying Corvette, but him interacting with other G1 characters too. And since I have enough bunnies multiplying around me, I thought you guys might like to be sacrificed to adopt some adorable Raoul bunnies.

As a bonus, I'll give you a side option of one TF Crossover bunny.

two episodes was all it took for me... )

(Knowing me, I'll get to some of these eventually anyway, but FFFFFF...)
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I pop back in to merely visit, and somehow the bunnies multiple. I've been back from Vancouver for weeks now, and I only got two bunnies there(both Seaspray centric). But one look at the Bunny Farm and !boom! I got bunny problems.

Might as well share them....


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It's been a long, long while since I've posted anything on the farm, but here: four littles TFA bunnies ready for adoption!


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1. TFA/Dresden Files fusion with Optimus as Harry Dresden and Megatron as Gentleman Johnny Marcone (Blame Odd Couple and Odd Moments by Demyrie for my love of crime lord Megatron). Elita/Blackarachnia could be Susan Rodriguez, Lugnut could be Hendricks, and Strika could be Ms. Guard. I'd say Ratchet could be Butters and Fanzone could be Murphy but the personalities don't really match. Maybe Ultra Magnus could be the Merlin? And Teletran 1 as Bob?

2. Vaguely inspired by Strika as Ms. Guard, Strika is considered "a hot amazon" by Decepticon standards because the world needs more Strika/Lugnut!

I had more but I can't remember them right now. If/when I do, I'll edit and LJ cut this post.

3. From the fanfic
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...are good nourishment for musings and these are then good food for very Animated bunnies.

1. You know something is wrong with the seekers the moment when
a) Sunstorm suddenly snarls: "You little GLITCH",
b) Thundercracker flatters you,
c) an arm cannon is in your face and a very angry Ramjet says, "Go. To. The. Pit."
(I heard the seekers were supposed to develop distinguished personality traits, but it was cut short because of the time pressure.)

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I'm Back~!

Mar. 17th, 2009 12:07 am
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Man, I've been gone forever! Sorry, guys. A lot of stuff got backed up and I flitted off to Star Trek and Coraline for a while. I'm shoving a lot of stuff off my to-do list because of some school stuff, but I came back to relay a couple bunnies I have picked up! :D So did I miss anything?

Sorry if the cut is weird. It refuses to like me for some reason. And guess who's on a Silent Hill kick? :D




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