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So I've been having a little trouble in RL with a move overseas and little access to either internet or my computer. But I have returned! And I bring a basket.
Also, forget just one character, I seem to be developing a thing for putting whole groups of Decepticons into supernatural/horror situations. At least Soundwave isn't alone now....

Did you know that moving can be bad for your creativity's health? )
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Do you guys think I should try to space out my posts a bit more, so it's not like three posts per page? >>;

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You know, if I'm not careful, things are going to end up being kemetic_feline is to Soundwave as kirin_saga is to Perceptor.
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I'm getting the bad feeling that the longer I stay here, the faster the bunnies will come....

The bunnies come marching 10 by 10, hurrah, hurrah... )
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This bunny just jumped up and bit me, but I refuse to be its bitch as I am already occupied.

But as playthings to the God's are we )
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I swear I wrote this before I read heslestor's list.

Click to release bunnies. )


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