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Hi, I come with just a few bunnies, hope someone adopts them. Plus one I came up with that I actually did myself, but would be interested in seeing someone else's take if it bites them...

1)2007 Movieverse - Mikaela finds herself alone when Decepticons attack, and ends up coming close to death. It seems, however, that her contact with the AllSpark left her with enough residual energy to turn her into a Cybertronian, but with few or none of her memories as a human. The Decepticons take full advantage, and recruit her into their group.
Of course, at some points she ends up fighting against the Autobots.
-Would love the Autobots to somehow work it out.
-Does she find out/work it out/get told/end up finding repressed memories and finding out?

2)2007 Movieverse - When Prowl lands on Earth, he loses the co-ordinates of the Autobot Base, but recalls those of Sam's house. He scans a Police car alt, and decides To go to the boy in hopes that Sam can help him rejoin his companions. Not realising that the last time Sam saw a Police car, it had a seriously bad attitude.
- Bonus points if a) Prowl scans the exact same car Barricade did, or
- Unknowingly scans Barrucade himself in alt.
- Bonus points if Sam screams like a girl when he spots Prowl

3) Any continuity - Starscream suddenly goes into heat while out on a flight. This makes him do one of two things when he sees other Cybertroniand, He tries to 1) interface with them till they are exhausted, or 2) attack them if he perceives them as a threat. The Autobots capture him and confine him to a room /tie him down to a berth for his own safety. Ratchet finds out that in heat, a Seeker's sex drive is insanely high, and interface is needed to stop the Seeker going mad/dying. So most of the Autobots end up performing this duty.
Bonus points if:
a) the ENTIRE Autobot forces in the Ark/Base/wherever are needed.
b Starscream wears them ALL out. (Yes,including Prime/Aerialbots)
c) Skywarp and/or Thundercracker have to rescue the Autobits and the situation by taking him on themselves.

4)This is the one I've done, but am throwing open for others.
G1: when Alpha Trion rebuilt Otion Pax into Optimus Prime, he wasn't the only participant. The other damaged mechs were added as the Command Deck and Roller, with Orion. Optimus Prime is a gestalt personality of the three, or at least he was. As Optimus was the first gestalt, when things started going wrong, his gestalt mind had been on the longest, and when Alpha Trion found out, he found the three separate minds had become irreversibly subsumed by the Optimus mind. So yeah, that's what I did, the whole "Optimus Prime is a (failed/too successful)gestalt, and this is why" (was inspired by KDZeal's "Part Of None" on fanfiction.net)

So - Do any of the Autobots know this?
-Do they find out?
-Do the Decepticons find out?

So, there they are, adopt away.
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...and it's an art bunny.

Okay, well... someone on fanfiction.net used the phrase "a veritable cesspool of crime and villainy" to describe the Decepticon rec room. And it kind of reminds me of Obi Wan Kenobi's famous line from Star Wars.

And this makes me want to do arts with a bunch of Decepticons in the Mos Eisley cantina with a group of Autobots walking in and Alpha Trion being like, "Mos Eisley spaceport. You'll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy." Because Alpha Trion is SO Obi Wan Kenobi.

But I suck at making art. If someone would do this, I would love you forever and give you a lifetime supply of energon cookies.
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Okay, between real life, camp, working on my contest entry, and catching up on work, I haven't been able to post a lot of bunnies. I'm taking some from my notebook now and, hopefully, I'll be able to put them all down later. 

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As some of you may have noticed, we have a new layout. I got tired of the old one. Sadly, I couldn't find a 'perfect' layout so I settled for this one (actually, there was another I wanted more, but it was only for paid accounts).

Oh, and I have decided Punch and Counterpunch will have a combined tag. So if you have a bunny for him, tag it (Counter)Punch.

Now, the bunnies.


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Note on tags: I've noticed that there are two tags for the 2007 movie verse. One, which is the one most have been using, is simply 2007. The other is 2007movieverse. Please use 2007 as that one has been around longer. Also, please do not use tags like # of bunnies. Just tag the universe and the character; tagging crossovers, gen, slash, or het is optional (I'm always forgetting to tag gen, slash, or het so I'm not worried about that one). Sorry but I'm just trying to keep things neat.

And speaking of tags... Should Punch and Counterpunch be two separate tags or should it be something like (Counter)Punch or Punch/Counterpunch?

Also, I'm thinking of changing the layout. What do you all think?

And now! The BUNNIES!




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