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I was thinking... there are a lot of fanfics with different characters going dimension-hopping, but here is the one crossing that I have never seen.
IDW Arcee, the one that was altered by Jhiaxus, somehow ends in G1, where femmes are normal, and meets Elita One or Arcee.
Anyone up to challenge?
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What strange dreams I have.

DotM Spoilers )
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For this bunny, I don't envision Transformers having genders... that said, for the awesome crack:

Elita-1 inpregnants Starscream = Heartbow


Arcee inpregnants Thundercracker = Heartbow

Skywarp being the cool uncle that influences the awesome Heartbow into being the flameboyant bot we know him to be.

For those who never came across Heartbow, go look on deviantart by searching "Heartbow".  Here's a sample:

I bow to "comics-in-disguise" and "hornetcharmer" from deviantart for creating this baby.
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It's been a long, long while since I've posted anything on the farm, but here: four littles TFA bunnies ready for adoption!


here they come... )
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Um. Hi. First post! Been lurking for a while now, breeding bunnies for even longer, finally heard of this place and rounded up some of these suckers for a post. Enjoy!




*tosses bag over fence and runs* )


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1. Ponyo/Transformers. Animated 'verse, with Optimus and Blackarachnia.

2. Pre-War Animated. Scientists get ahold of a Decepticon spy and reprogram her (Arcee) to serve the Autobots. When Shockwave gets ahold of her, he reverses the programming to a) revert her completely to a Decepticon or b) leave her somewhere in the middle. Bonus points if Shockwave and the Decepticon spy were bondmates or something of the sort.

Did I get the tags right? 
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1. Came from watching Cartoon Network's Clone Wars and their 'pacifist' Mandalorians. Ack. the Transformers had  warrior/war centered culture. Then, a group tries to begin 'conquest' of the galaxy (Early Decepticons) against two groups: one group that wants the Transformers to stay as they are, and finally another group that wants peace and the Transformers to bepacifists. The two warriorgroups basically kill each other off, leaving the pacifists to rule. Then, another group emerges, wanting to bring the Transformers back to their first culture. These rebels call themselves Decepticons, just like the first rebel group did.

2. Inuyasha/crossover. Naraku as Megatron and Starscream as Kagura.

3.Animated Shattered Glass. Shockwave gets sent to the Shattered Glass Universe for one reason or another. There he meets the Decepticons....and the Autobots.
3a. Post season three. He gets captured by the Autobots and meets Arcee.

Sorry, I can't make space when I change spelling. The space bar has somehow become backspace. (Number one)
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1) Strange sightings of transparent giants make Detroit panic in the night of Halloween. Upon investigating, the Autobots see a shadow running around who leaves blue blurrs behind, whispering so fast you can't understand and meet a figure which the humans call "a clawed demon with wings and red-glowing eyes". And then there's the last apparition, a warrior with kind blue optics and a sad smile etched on his face for his friends...

2) Space barnacles have mutated and affect now also humans.

3) Lockdown is back on Earth - and he has set his optics on four special bots: Jazz (fellow ninjabot of Prowl), Ratchet (gave him one of his biggest defeats and is also an escaped prey), Arcee (same as with Ratchet) and Optimus (same as the two before, with new bounty on his head).

4) Prowl is alive again. Unlike Optimus, however, it was a torturous process, making him almost unable to deal with the fact he is alive.
a) Unicorn wanted to devour his spark and Optimus, unwilling to let his friend vanish into complete nonexistence, pulled him back with his own spark.
b) And died instead.

I wonder that I'm the first one for Halloween prompts.

One Bunny

Oct. 9th, 2009 03:00 pm
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De-lurking for a bunny that refuses to escape me but I have no way of acting it out.

Looks like a cool drink of energon but he's oiled coated misery. )

Oh man, I hope I tagged right D:
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...are good nourishment for musings and these are then good food for very Animated bunnies.

1. You know something is wrong with the seekers the moment when
a) Sunstorm suddenly snarls: "You little GLITCH",
b) Thundercracker flatters you,
c) an arm cannon is in your face and a very angry Ramjet says, "Go. To. The. Pit."
(I heard the seekers were supposed to develop distinguished personality traits, but it was cut short because of the time pressure.)

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So, here in the UK we've been lucky enough to have Revenge of the Fallen released on the 19th, and I managed to get a showing in today which in turn has spewed a whole bunch of bunnies in my brain.

Bunnies contain spoilers,, click at your own risk.

A few generic bunnies as well )
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There a bunny... )

Just one

Apr. 8th, 2009 04:10 am
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itty bitty bunny...

What Arcee didn't realize when she changed her helmet design was that she'd be trading Princess Leia jokes for Rapunzel cracks.


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