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What if Blackarachnia from the TFA'verse was blasted into G1 when Waspinator exploded?

I mean, imagine it... Blackarachnia falling out of the sky onto the Ark, the Autobots finding her and reacting with shock to her organic half, her awakening and attempt to escape, only to be stopped by.. Optimus?

An older, taller, and much stronger Optimus.

(bonus points if she thinks this Optimus is kinda hot. But just a little bit. It's the voice, really).

So an indignant Blackarachnia has to stay and cooperate with these weird Autobots so she can get home. Needless to say, she hates it.

(double bonus points if she meets G1 Elita AND finds out about Prime's relationship to her) (and triple bonus points if Waspinator shows up, maybe with the Decepticons)

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Oct. 17th, 2014 10:36 am
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First post, so tags might be a little odd... But anyways, they're from various continuities.


1. Starscream, still estranged from the other Decepticons, wakes up one day with a motorcycle alt. mode. After meeting an Insecticon named Venom, stuck in a weak body, the two find out that the Combaticon Swindle - the Combaticons having just made planet-fall - has made off with their old bodies... And the two have to get them back before he sells them.


2. The Decepticons catch wind of Blackarachnia's experiments and weaponize them. Say hello to the entire bug-ified Autobot team...
But where is Optimus, and who's that 'Tarantulas' character? (Tarry!Optimus, preferably with Tarantulas being a separate personality)


3. Starscream, as he promised, comes back to wreak his revenge, starting by stealing Terrorsoar's still functioning body from under the lava. However, when he's snooping about in Darksyde in order to perhaps steal something, he's found by Rampage - his clone. Seeker protective instincts kick in... And basically, no one's going to be safe from a very pissy and protective 'Screamer.


4. Pre-war, the Combaticons in high school. Even then, they're a close-knit group, so when the War starts, they have to decide whether to join Megatron's rebellion... or not.

5. G1 Starscream ends up on the run from the Decepticons for yet another grab at leadership... And ends up in the 'badlands', a series of dustbowls and gravel pits fought over by two sets of mercenaries, one RED, one BLU. Finding that they are a bit too tough to take on alone, the disgruntled Seeker ends up just hiding out at their bases to plot. (Crossover with TF2)

6. Seeker trines come in two types: traditional and non-traditional. Non-traditionals don't have a trine bond and are more common, but don't get along as well as traditonals (an example would be the coneheads), while traditionals have a bond and are rarer, more of a relic from the golden age (examples would be the Command Trine and the Rainmakers).
1) Trine bonds are spark bonds that are non-sexual, non-romantic, and produce an effect similar to the bond between spark twins. It makes them very able to co-ordinate in battle, and makes them instinctively predict their trine mates' actions. However, the death of one or more of the trine members causes something called 'trine withdrawal' in the remaining members, which is a relatively short period of time in which the Seeker weakens and feels pain. It's temporary, but makes the Seeker a liability, which is why there aren't many trine bonds anymore.
2)Trines have three parts: drive, energy, and temperance. Drive is always the leader and provides direction, energy provides motivation, and temperance reins in the other two. All three parts regulate each other; it's why the Command Trine is such an effective trine despite their differences.
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I'm not the best person to consult about Beast Wars stuff, but I do know this- in Beast Wars, Blacharachnia was a Maximal Protoform reprogramed to be a predacon. In TFA, Blacharachnia used to be Elita-1 before she was hideosly mutated, which apparently made her super bitter toward the Autobots. However, in G1 Elita-1 was about as loyal as you can get. So what if Elita-1 still wanted to rejoin the Autobots after being mutated, assuming that they could fix her, before Megatron landed on the planet where she was stuck and decided that her scientific expertise, as well as her prowess in battle was something that he wanted, and after she refused to defect he got Shockwave to reprogram her to be a decepticon.

I really want to see optimus's reaction to learning something like that- or Elita-1's if she was ever freed from the programming.
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The bunnies- their swarming!

1. Because I have not seen this before- I want an AU where the humans were always Cybertronians. Would prefer TFP- Miko as a tower femme- maybe abused, and runs away to Bulkhead? Jack is a pretty average 'bot, but is apprenticed as a data clerk to Orion Pax. Bumblebee and Raf are orphan brothers. And Bot!JuneXRatchet. Yussss.

2. Autofemmes and G.I. Janes. Do it.

3. Simmons is a techno-organic.

4. Ariel became Prime, not Orion.Orion is still rebuilt as Optimus. (G1)
-Optimus Pax?

5. Miko is a timelord because I don't even know

6. "... How did you even get a bannana to explode!"

7. TFA!Miko. Babysitting Sari when the autobots woke up? Also, bonus if she's super smart to match Smart!Bulkhead in this continuity, but hates showing how smart she is. Also, Jack and Prowl being friends.

8. TFA!Nightbird. Created by Powell mixing a protoform, an Allspark shard, and Prowls ninja skills together. Prowl was not a willing participant in this.

9. Instead of becoming Blackarachnia, Elita-1 escaped in a stasis/escape pod/thing, but it put her to sleep and Optimus and Sentinal still think she's dead. She lands on earth, where a grieving younger (4-5?) year old Sari is dealing with the death of her dad, because if Elita got it better in this universe, the cosmic bad luck has to fall on someone. Elita is disgusted with her (and the rest of the species at first) but eventually raises her. Still doesn't like humanity as a whole though. Than the Autobots wake up, and hilarity ensues.

10. Sam is eight years old in 2007, not 17. Everyone else is the same age.

11. Allspark!Simmons.

12. Time travel! Simmons. Seriously, after TF3, Simmons wakes up about a month before the events of TF1. From the sidelines, Primus is laughing.

13. In which Captain Archibald Amundsen Banes led an expedition to the arctic in 1897, and brings home a peculiar pair of glasses. Everyone the same as in the movie, only now its Mikaela who has the glasses, not Sam. Bonus if Bumblebee is still Sam's guardian, and Ratchet somehow ends up Mikaela's.

14. Bioshock AU! Bulkhead is a big daddy, and Miko is his little sister.
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So I was feeling nostalgic for the mid 1990s, and I dug out my old October Project music and was listening to "Paths of Desire" and realized it was the perfect theme song for the trine of Sentinel, Optimus, and Elita.

What if one of them heard this song, what would they think? What would they do?

Hmm, incidentally, wouldn't this make an awesome song to do a video to?
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Do you guys think I should try to space out my posts a bit more, so it's not like three posts per page? >>;

Read more... )
You know, if I'm not careful, things are going to end up being kemetic_feline is to Soundwave as kirin_saga is to Perceptor.
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Back with a bunny that hasn't left me alone at all. I've been listening to Nightmare Before Christmas songs again. More specifically "Kidnap The Sandy Claws" song.^_^

Anyways not sure if anyone would remember this bunny, but it got a delightful response from [livejournal.com profile] perianfrost.

So this time, I'd like for TFA!BA, Lugnut, and Blitzwing to be the ones to sing this song. Whatever the scenario that is happening around them, is your choice. :3

Here's the video that inspired the bunny: link

I'd prefer fic, but I leave it up to the person that snags the bunny what they would want to do.

Please leave a link here if you do it. ^^
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This is my first time doing this, so I hope I can get it right. Have a crazy list of TF:A bunnies. I may do some of these myself, but I want to see what other people do. 



Beware the bunnies of DOOM )



Please take these! I have too many to write, and I need to work on my original stuff!

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1. Ponyo/Transformers. Animated 'verse, with Optimus and Blackarachnia.

2. Pre-War Animated. Scientists get ahold of a Decepticon spy and reprogram her (Arcee) to serve the Autobots. When Shockwave gets ahold of her, he reverses the programming to a) revert her completely to a Decepticon or b) leave her somewhere in the middle. Bonus points if Shockwave and the Decepticon spy were bondmates or something of the sort.

Did I get the tags right? 
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I’m not usually one to give up plot bunnies but I’ve got too much on my plate right now to deal with these. Plus I’m not sure if I could ever write them. They’re strange on a level I don’t know if my brain can handle.

Cut for crack and a convoluted plot more suited to daytime television )
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Only 30 right now )

Is there a comm out there for discussing not only Cybertronina culture and society but also that of the various aliens, planets and the like out there?

If not would anyone be interested in a community focused on something like that? Even to fleshing out the back story of canon characters, or coming up with a personality for a character in some places. I know you can do that here, or really any TF comm and other sites, but this would be its sole focus, (and personally I prefer lj for this kind of thing compared to other sites) ranging from the commonly discussed methods of Transformer reproduction to new things like how Quintessions reproduce and everything in between, including personal/headspace canon. Or, am I just wasting everyone's time? *Kind of feels odd asking for something like this here, but don't really know how else to go about it.*
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1) He really had a forgiving nature, but even Optimus' patience with his old "friends" had to reach its limit eventually.

2) Bulkhead and Optimus get into a fight.

3) Following another Allspark shred which is this time stuck in the controls of a power plant, one of the Autobots (except Ratchet) gets hit by the explosion and some of the resulting, overloading electricity. Ratchet is the first to be close when he wakes up, but the old medic is about for a very cruel surprise.
Ratchet: Dear Primus, that was quite a shock you got. How do ya feel?
???: I don't know....
Ratchet: What is wrong? Are you hurting somewhere?
???: No, I'm not - at least I think so. But... who are you?
Ratchet: (completely horrified) ...Please not this...


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