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Browse the glorious fails of logic, reason, common sense and pretty much anything else.

I envision Constructicons with a virus/overcharged, bots in the construction field facing this to fix it, or facing the plans (do I build or not) , or honestly just Constructicons (or others) doing a tour of the strangest things humans have done.

Whatever it is, I hope it brings some giggles.

A bunny

Mar. 20th, 2013 01:59 pm
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You know how when you're typing sometimes your fingers go and type out familiar movements that don't make real words? (Like, I often put a "g" after an "n", whether it goes there or not.) Well, I did that today, and it spawned a bunny.

I tried to type cassetticon. I typed cassetticone, and had the sudden image of a cassette that transformed into a construction cone or something.

Do with it as you will.

EDIT: I just did it again, this time with "Constructicone." (Which actually makes more sense, now that I think about it...)
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Bunny inspired from my last Bunny and from a story I've been reading called the Left Leg. Been pestering me.

Gestalts links are strong but what if for some reason or another they were not? What if you could mix and match them like Lego bricks?

Would be highly amusing to see what new outcomes you can make from them.
Like the ultimate cute gestalt that turns into CUDDLETRON!
FireFlight, First Aid, Breakdown, Scavanger and Swindle. Who on earth would lead that group? And Cuddletron's main attack would be the hug attack!

Also who would lead a gestalt team made of all the gestalt leaders of Scrapper, Motormaster, Silverbolt, Hotspot and Onslaught? There would be a whole load of conflict there.

Speaking of conflict a gestalt made up of all the hotheads. Slingshot, Blades, Brawl, Drag Strip, and Bonecrusher.

Or a gestalt made of the more even tempered and less volatile. Dead End, Skydive, Long Haul, Blast Off and Streetwise.

And then there would be the SUPERDUPERBANANULTIMATOR gestalt of the just plain nuts and oddballs.
Airraid, Mixmaster, Vortex, Wildrider and ummm poor old Groove.

a. If individuals can combine into a gestalt - Could all those gestalts combine again into the Ultimate Gestalt?

B. Omega Supreme or Metroplex were actually a result of this. But the idea was so foreign and the minds too many that all memories of individuality were lost and now they don't even remember being anything but a single entity
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Well do I have a deal for you,

When people think of broken gestalts they normally decide they must kill of a member of generally the Combaticons, Stunticons, or Protectobots. Instead of one of those how about we do a little wiki-diving, like dumpster diving, but generally cleaner.


The Constructicons are a broken gestalt, have been since Megatron failed to capture and reprogram all of them toward the beginning of the war. Their missing piece, RoadHauler, managed to escape and seek protection under the Autobots. This mech is the only one with the Constructicons full history and memory. This mech was there for the building of the monster that is Megatron.

Under the Cut for Those still Curious )

For Those who did click the Cut-
Can everyone see how bunny ridden this is? Please?
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I have a one big (or a few if you split it) bunny for you today...
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I don't know if that ramble makes much sense, but if I try to work it out any more I will end up writing it myself and I already have too many things I am working on.... ><;
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Here's some more to share with you all! Please go ahead and take them off my hands.

They won't stop breeding! )
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Sometimes I see pics on the net (mostly pics from The Cheezburger Network) and they inspire me bunnies. So I decided to share these pics and contaminate you all *insert evil laugh here*

 EDIT: four more pics added!

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3, 4 &, 5 kind of go together, in mind at least, but can be done separatley.

1. ‘So… you guys do this to each other often?’ Lennox asked wryly, breaking the stunned silence which had filled the room shortly after their entrance. Optimus only produced a staticy burst in response, blue optics glued to the battered figure chained and riveted to the far wall before them. The Seeker’s once beautiful wings were torn and scratched where heavy bolts passed through them, holding him in place like an organic insect. Fluids of various colors flowed down to form a puddle at the wall’s base, the numerous wounds along Starscream’s body continuing to ooze slowly, sparks hissing softly as they fell from damaged circuits to drown in the discolored liquid.

2. Alone they were no match for the pretty Seeker’s speed. Together there was no way they could fail.

3. The Seeker youngling shied away from the reaching hands of his adoptive ‘creator’, small red optics, bright with fear, looking frantically for an escape route. A dark, velvety chuckle following his retreat, a large silver hand managing to catch hold of his forearm, delicate, underdeveloped plating collapsing slightly under the applied pressure.

4. The exhausted youngling struggled to rise, limbs slipping through the pool of purged energon and bled-out fluids beneath him, as one of his ‘creators’ meticulously scribbled down notes on the data-pad he held.

5. He curled tightly into his ‘creator’s’ lap, clicking quietly as large claws smoothed over his quivering wings, Soundwave’s cassettes crowding around them to coo gently at their frightened ‘sibling’.

6. Perhaps it was divine, more likely infernal, intervention which kept Megatron from striking Starscream while Devastator had reign, perhaps it was some ingrained, unacknowledged sense of self-preservation on the volatile mech’s part. More than likely it was just luck. But on whose side it lay was debatable.
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Gah, I hope this works. Why do blog sites have to be so weird? At least it's only showing two cuts now, it was seven or eight.


Just a few )Just a few )
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Important Note: Okay, this is one bunny that is haunting me and I beg that someone adopt it! Please! I want to see how this turns out. More than one person can adopt any of my bunnies, I forgot to mention that the first, second, and third time I posted. This is my fourth. It applies to all future bunnies I put out for adoption as well. If you adopt this bunny, please either post the link here or send it to me somehow. If you have a fanfiction.net account and post it on there, still let me know please. The challenge will be listed after the bunny along with awards for whoever accomplishes the challenge along with the bunny. It might even turn out to be a series.

Pre/Post & During 2007/2009 Movieverse: Before the Allspark was launched off of Cybertron, what if the Protectobots were just hitting the first stages of becoming younglings and no longer sparklings? At the same time, the Constructicons are the same way. But they aren't complete (I know there were only seven 'Cons in the 2009 movie that made up Devastator consisting of Scavenger, Mixmaster, Rampage, Hightower, Scrapper, Overload, and Longhaul, but for this Devastator needs to be consisted of eight - you'll find out why. The Protectobots remain the normal amount of five.). In order for the Constructicon gestalt to be complete and in order to combine to form Devastator, on more is needed. But the Fallen wants the final member to be different than the rest, and Megatron wants it even more specific than that (If you want to add some other evil entity like Unicron or the Quintessins, go ahead. Just make sure to use the Fallen and Megatron.). Together they decide that a medic would be different and best for the gestalt, but it was not to be from their own faction. Megatron watched the Autobots and decided that the Autobot First Aid would be the best candidate because he was apprenticing under the famous Autobot CMO Ratchet, and taking him would also cripple the Protectobot gestalt until the Autobots could get him back and renew the sibling and gestalt bonds, if they ever got him back. They also decided the best time to take him would be right before he became a youngling, which wouldn't be too far from now. So after capturing First Aid and reformatting him into the Constructicon medic known as Hook, tell how life is before the events of the 2007 movie, his exploits during the 2007 movie, the events that led up to the 2009 movie, events during the 2009 movie, and after the 2009 movie when a whole other adventure begins when the Protectobots, more Autobots, and more Decepticons arrive on Earth. Fic is supposed to have a good end, if manageable.

Challenge: Have First Aid as a femme and the youngest of the Protectobots. I read fics that had the Protectobots protective of First Aid, and I think it would be even better if First Aid/Hook was a femme. It would increase the drama and perhaps the action. Also have First Aid somehow reunited with the Protectobot gestalt, but at the same time the Decepticon Constructicon femme Hook becomes her own living identity.

Reward: Those who manage to do the bunny including the challenge inside will get to choose who and what they want to see happen in my fic "A New Family, A New Life". If they don't want that they may send suggestions for what they want to see in future chapters inside any fic on my profile at www.fanfiction.net/u/1379905/Witch08. I'll make it happen some way somehow. If someone sends something for the same fic, it'll be first come, first serve, but it'll happen eventually. I'll post the chapter links here.


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