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I have a few that have been rolling around for the last few days, so hopefully someone will adopt these poor lonely bunnies! They're very detailed, I hope no one minds.

1) Prime: In a battle with the Autobots, Starscream gets a very bad electrical charge directly to his spark, permanently damaging it. After examining him on the Nemesis, Knockout knows Megatron will kill Starscream for his uselessness. Since Starscream is his only friend other than Breakdown (who is dead) Knockout doesn't want him to die. So he calls the Autobots,begging them to take care of him. They finally somehow agree, bridging him to base and putting him on med watch. The strain put on his spark makes him unable to transform without threatening his own life. The words "You may as well have removed my wings" is a Seeker suicide warning, and that's exactly what he says, though Arcee's the only one who recognizes it for what it is for some reason. For some reason, she decides to tell Optimus, and they keep a closer eye on Starscream. Later, he attempts to assist in a battle, probably feeling like he owes them or something, and almost dies. While he's recovering and unconscious, Arcee reluctantly tells him he proved himself as an Autobot. After he has recovered as much as he can from this, the others are gone, leaving June watching him when he has a spark attack and goes into spark arrest. Does he survive? Up to you.

2) Prime: Megatron, Starscream, Soundwave, Knockout and Breakdown somehow get transformed into humans (Megatron as an adult, the others inexplicably teenagers). The 'teens' have to stay with the humans: Soundwave with Raf, Breakdown with Jack, and Starscream and Knockout with Miko. The 'Cons end up having to go to school, so they have to take human names. During this time, Starscream and Knockout enter a relationship which Miko has mixed feelings about (they frag in the guest room, right next to her room). There's a school dance which they are required to attend. All the girls flirt with Knockout, to which he finally says, "Sorry ladies, you're not really my type," the calls Starscream over for a dance. Miko sees this and comments, "You know, they're actually kind of cute together when they're not having sex in the guest room." Whether or not they get turned back is up to you.

Points if:
-Megatron is forced to chaperone the dance
-Soundwave is a telepath and keeps his ability after becoming human
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Right now I have a full hatch of bunnies to take care of.
Can't handle all these too.

(any continuity)

  1. You know the ol’ saying that ‘Seekers make great sparkling protectors’?  It’s a lie.  Propaganda spread by the … (Decepticon of your choice)

Doesn't stop here! )

I know I've adopted a few bunnies from others, but for the life of me, I have dropped them - can anyone point me to the posts and/or authors that I've promised to write a drabble, fic, or something for?
 (I suppose I could go back and reread comments, but am afraid of picking up hordes of bunnies that somehow missed me before)
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Someone posted that they wanted more stories of Megatron/Prowl and that there was only one.

Well if someone finds it please tell me.

I have a story for it: http://archiveofourown.org/works/2181033
Sparks Don't Care

Sorry if this is bothering people, posting without bunnies. I just want to make people happy adopting their bunnies.
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Ok so I did some thinking and it inspired me for a few bunnies. It's in the middle of the night or early morning and the bunnies refuse to let me sleep. So I post them here and hopefully they'll be gone from my mind and haunt yours. XD

bunnies here, now let me sleep. -_- zzzzz )

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 Been attacked by a new horde of bunnies.
Some (okay, most) have been inspired by fan-fics.
If someone knows of a fic that fits the criteria, please share link?  I'd really like to read the story!

(Most of these are either Generation 1, or any-continuity. Only a few are universe-specific)
Lots of bunnies - 57 to be exact! )

Maybe after sharing these, the others will stop hounding me.
Or calm down enough so I can write one without being mercilessly interrupted.

Have fun.
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Hello. New here but I have a bunny attack that jut won't let me be.

In this one, Megatron and Starscream are bondmates that really do care about one another, but they can't show it around others in fear that if they are found out they will bed used against one another. But one day Starscream is shot out of the sky and is severely damaged and is taken back to the Autobot base for repairs and as a prisoner. Because of the nature of bonds, they are able to be detected during a medical scan, but not reveal who the other mate is, so Ratchet finds out that Starscream is bonded but not sure who the other is. Frantic with worry and knowing that his mate is hurt and in enemy servos, Megatron tries to negotiate/rescue Starscream without letting anyone figure out about the bond.

Points if:

Ratchet figures out that Starscream and Megatron are mated but says nothing

An idea to keep Starscream from working against them anymore an Autobot suggests that they try to bond Starscream to an Autobot but find that they can't due to a bond already being there

Thundercraker and Skywarp try and rescue their trinemate but end up being captured as well (whether or not they know about the bond is up to you)

If you can add in how Megatron and Starscream seem to "fight" but find ways to make it look bad without actually hurting one another.

Love if Soundwave and Megatron are total badasses.
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I’m new here. I watched the original G1 Transformers when it aired and liked it but didn’t really follow the franchise when I got older. Then I got into Transformers Prime and it got me hooked again. I’m rewatching the original series again and I’ve seen some of Armada and Animated. I’ve read tons of fanfiction and I have lots of ideas of my own but I have no time to write them so I thought I’d post some here so maybe someone will find them inspirational.

Read more... )
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1. Prowl is a Quintessicon model.
Well, his processor is - either from the occupation (making him REALLY OLD), or the processor is based on old designs, revamped for enforcer duties - without those pesky emotions.
1 B.  All Enforcer models (mechs) are based on Quintessicon plans.
1 C.  All Praxians are quintessicon make/model - while the rest of Cybertron has abandoned the slave body designs, adapting to a life of freedom the Praxians kept their origins without significant change, because its durable/easier to repair/for whatever reason.

2. Fusion with Altantis: The Lost Empire  (Or crossover, if its easier)
The big, blue glowing crystal that shields the Atlantians, gives them their long life-spans?  It's part of the All-Spark/Vector Sigma/Cube.
Optional: its been on earth longer than the Decepticon/Autobot battle.
Optional: Those stone machine-men that are powered by the crystals?  Prototype of Cybertrons, the very first, before the Spark was housed in individual bodies.

3.  Ever see The Adventures Of Milo And Otis?
I'm telling you, that crazy kitten is Jazz.  *Listen to that narrative, and tell me it DOESNOT sound like fandom Jazz personality!*
However, I can't quite see Prowl as the loyal pug.  Then again, it could be Prowl.
Maybe I'm wanting to read about Autobots/Decepticons as farm animals.
So, where does this leave the rest of the gang?  Is Megatron the hungry black bear?
What would be Optimus Prime's roll?
Pretty sure the sea turtle is Huffer.  (Unless it's really Gears)
Not sure what was going through my mind when I made the connection between Milo and Jazz -
Humor, Crack, or serious fic, almost anything goes.  (if someone could pull this off. ...)

The Autobot/Decepticon battle?
it's not a real battle.   In fact, it's not even a real war.
This is all war games - one-step up from simulators, and theoretical applications made in the real world.  The weapons are all blanks/minimal power so that no one actually dies!
They moved to earth and other occupied worlds to see how other species react to aliens and enemies with overwhelming power/technology.  That, and their home plant - the civilians, neutrals, and everyone else NOT immediately needed in these mock fights - has gotten tired of constantly fixing the damage done by rambunctious mechs.
4a.  Red Alert has forgotten that this is all faked - his paranoia glitch has made it imperative for both leaders to find (and maintain) separate bases.  Sideswipe, Swindle, Smokescreen, and a few other bots/cons work - on the side - to keep the inventory at semi-acceptable levels.  It's just easier to trade excess goods than get two supply lines running to both armies.
4b. Optimus Prime and Megatron were chosen to be the leaders at random - so what if a different mech had been appointed as the 'Big Boss' or 'Master'?
4c.  Starscream doesn't want the training exercise to end - he's enjoying himself, and is willing to go to almost any length to keep the two armies from reconciliation.
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1. Enlistment of bots (otherwise the true reason why they are in the army) examples;

Teenage rebellion against Head of his noble hause (his grandfather)
there was that femme and she was impressed by combat bots so....
Saw some incompent mech behaving as headless chicken so he took control... and stayed
He went to a club, and he woke 3 days later with hangover on his way to training ground, with Autobots insignia.
He impersonated a autobot to make some illegal/half-illegal scheme somehow he stayed.
lost a bet/ Enlistment- was a bet.

2. prowls unusall parents:
A) thundercracker and skywrap
B) Prowl is going to bond (i would love to see this as twins/prowl or Springer/prowl), meet parent - Jazz XD

3. Prowl is scary when he is pregnant/carring, so scary that Wreckers and Decepticons run away. Crushed servo of Megsy is a must.

4. Current Wreckers taked their name in honor of team of heavy hitters/ fast response rescue team from the past. the team (most dead);
Comander - Wrecker
scientist- Bulkhead
medic - Sari
airsupport- twins Jetfire and Jetstorm
Strategist/ stealth bot - Prowl

5 Prowl is the eldest bot in both armies, he remember original primes, nobady knows about that, for now.
Hope you like them. XD


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